In Control Clothing Review


In Control Clothing is a company dedicated to providing athletes with the best clothing and gear at the lowest prices. They also offer a great selection of discount codes. This In Control Clothing review will look at the Cloud Control Tee and Permethrin. If you’re looking for a good workout shirt, try the Cloud Control Tee.

In Control Clothing Discount Codes

In Control Clothing offers a variety of discounts to shoppers. You can save up to 50% off your purchase with a valid coupon code. These discount codes are usually case-sensitive and only work for a limited time. They also sometimes have a set expiration date. To take advantage of these deals, use them before they expire.


Control Clothing uses a special liquid insect repellent that bonds with mesh netting and cloth fibers. It is odorless and non-staining. It is also non-toxic to humans and is biodegradable. It offers nearly 100% protection from disease-causing mosquitoes, including the Zika Virus. An 8-oz. Trigger Spray can treat two sets of clothing. One set contains a long-sleeve shirt and pants, while the other is an entire long-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts.

Permethrin is available in various concentrations. It is available as a self-applied squirt or soaking solution for personal use. Regardless of the application method, following the manufacturer’s directions is essential. Before using Permethrin, it is best to dilute it with water to a concentration of 0.5%. Many of these solutions have built-in measuring cups, making it easy to dilute the product to the correct concentration.

Another product that offers protection against insect bites is Insect Shield. This repellent is applied to clothing in a factory and lasts much longer than the self-treatment option. However, applying the product evenly and thoroughly is essential to avoid contaminating your clothing. Also, self-treated clothing will not last as long as pre-treated clothing with Permethrin.

Permethrin-treated clothing has been proven effective against mosquitoes and the black-legged tick, the vector of Lyme disease. It also repels the lone star tick and the American dog tick. Moreover, permethrin-treated clothing will repel pests for six weeks.