How to Watch YouTube With Friends


If you want to watch YouTube with your friends, there are some options you can consider. One way is to use a YouTube video-sharing application like Sync Video. This application allows multiple participants to watch one video at a time. However, it’s a bit complicated, and you’ll have to deal with many controls. However, it’s an excellent alternative to watching YouTube with your friends.

Sync Video

You can use Sync Video to watch YouTube with friends if you have a YouTube account. You can use the website to find friends and create rooms. Once you have joined a room, you can watch videos with others and share your webcam and microphone. This will allow you to stay connected to your friends, even when you’re far apart.

Sync Video works by synchronizing your videos. All you need is a room and a shared URL. This application works on both Windows and macOS, with video files in mp4 and WebM formats. You can also talk to your friends through chat features.

Meta stream

If you want to watch YouTube videos with friends, Meta stream is a good option. This browser extension allows you to stream video content without annoying ads. It also lets you control the number of people who can join your session. You can make the session private so that only the people you invite can watch.

Meta stream is free and supports streaming video from hundreds of websites, including YouTube. It also supports video chat. The app allows you to add multiple URLs to a queue, which will automatically play content. However, you should know that Meta stream has some technical issues, especially with some browsers. Therefore, it is best used with services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Twitch. If you don’t want to use Meta stream, you can still use Plex Watch Together, which lets you watch all kinds of media with your friends.

Two seven

Two seven is a website that allows multiple people to watch YouTube at once. It works similarly to hosting a chat room but is designed for remote viewing. You can log in to Twoseven using a Google or Facebook account. This will allow you to transfer and share links with your friends easily.

The site is free to use and supports up to 400 users. It also includes a guide to help you watch YouTube together with your friends. In addition, it lets you share YouTube videos, streams them to other computers, and use a webcam to view each other’s screens.


SyncTube is an app that allows you to watch YouTube videos with friends. It’s easy to use and provides a simple interface for watching videos together. You don’t have to sign up to watch videos with friends; you can create a nickname and connect to the RoomR Then you can watch YouTube videos, listen to music from SoundCloud, or chat with friends about what you’re watching.

Sharing a video on YouTube is easy, but it’s not much fun. Sync Tube solves this problem by allowing you to watch videos with your friends and chat with them simultaneously. You can share a video by copying the video link from the address bar. It also enables you to control the privacy of a room and set different permissions for different users. The app does not need to create an account or log in.


Airtime is an app that lets you watch YouTube videos with friends even if you’re not in the same RoomR It works by streaming media to both devices at the same time and allowing you to chat at the same time. You can also use the app to share photos and videos and use sound reactions and animated stickers. The app is free and available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

The app lets you watch videos with up to 10 friends. You’ll be able to use the search bar to search for the media you want to watch. After you find a video you want to watch, you can tap on it to view a preview. You can also share content with other Airtime users by tapping the “Post to Chat” button or removing it from the RoomRwhen you’re finished watching.

YouTube Party

A YouTube Party can be an excellent way to share your favourite videos with friends. The videos should be short, around 10 minutes, and have a variety of formats and genres. It can also be a great way to get to know your friends. Make sure you have breaks during the party to talk and share experiences.

This type of party can have a theme or be themeless. The videos can be about anything, from silly to informative. The main drawback is that it will slow down the overall website. Besides that, you can use it on mobile devices as well.