How to Solve a Free Online Sudoku Puzzle


There are several ways to solve Sudoku. The first method is to solve a puzzle on the grid. It may sound easy at first, but this method involves a lot of work. To play a puzzle successfully, you must know how to solve the puzzle in the correct way. This article will provide you with a few tips on how to solve a puzzle.

Puzzle grid

Sudoku is an online puzzle game that requires you to solve a grid with three columns and three rows of numbers. There is only one value for each square in the grid, so the first step is to figure out which two squares contain the same number. Once you have determined the first two, you can try to find the third. If you can’t find the third, you must check all nine positions and find the other two candidate numbers.

There are different difficulty levels available, ranging from easy to extremely difficult. The easy level is recommended for beginners, as it will introduce you to the grid and digits. Once you’re familiar with the grid and the rules, you can move on to the medium or hard level. The difficulty level is more difficult and has many possibilities.

Pen mode

If you’re looking for a new way to play Sudoku, try switching to Pen mode. This special mode allows you to write down numbers quickly. If you place the correct number, you get a point. If you put the wrong one, you lose points and a life. You can also unlock the Extra Lives power-up, which will give you three extra lives. Another advantage of Pen mode is that you can change the theme of the puzzle if you want.

Pen mode offers a nostalgic experience, as playing Sudoku with a pen feels more like playing a board game. You won’t have to worry about accidentally erasing wrong entries, either. Pen mode is available for free online Sudoku games, such as Sudoku Free PC, which allows you to play Sudoku without a data connection. It’s also compatible with mobile devices, which makes it a convenient choice for traveling or work.

Incomplete puzzles

Incomplete Sudoku puzzles are those that have more than one possible answer. These puzzles are a good test case for Sudoku-solving programs. The puzzle is made up of numerous possible answers that are all in conflict with one another. The objective is to find the correct solution and make a solution that solves the puzzle.

Free online incomplete sudoku puzzles help you test your mental abilities and sharpen your problem-solving abilities. By regularly solving this puzzle, you will learn mental models that you can apply in real-life situations.

Last Digit / Full House

Sudoku is a popular number puzzle. It is based on the ancient number riddles known as Sudoku. While it may have originated in the United States, it first gained popularity in Japan. In 1997, a retired Hong Kong judge named Wayne Gould discovered it in a Japanese bookstore. His efforts to popularize the puzzle led to its worldwide fame.

The first puzzle you should try is the simple 4×4 triple. This is a good way to practice. You can practice on a free online Sudoku puzzle without worrying about difficulty.

Hidden singles

Hidden singles are a fundamental step in solving sudoku puzzles. Unlike naked singles, these numbers are difficult to see unless you know how to spot them. A good method to find them is scanning, which is easier than cross-hatching. For example, a sample sudoku puzzle contains the number “7,” but only one cell has the number in it.

To find hidden singles, you must first determine what method you will use to solve the puzzle. You can use the cross-matching method, where you cross out an area that contains a given digit. You can also use the scanning method, which involves assigning two identities to a pair of numbers.