How to Play GTA 4 Online


GTA Online players are an exciting bunch. While some enjoy spending hours immersed in GTA Online’s virtual world, others see their playtime as an opportunity to wreak havoc and cause damage in other people’s lives. Learn the best info about LOLBeans.

Modders have made it possible to enjoy a multiplayer version of GTA 4 for PC, even though Rockstar Games has historically not been welcoming towards modders.


Although GTA 4 may seem outdated compared to newer games from Rockstar, its multiplayer mode remains immensely popular among gamers. Players can still enjoy an old-school GTA experience in ranked matches or party with other players online.

To enter Multiplayer Mode, players should press up on either A (Xbox 360), X (PS3) or A (PC). Following the opening cutscene, a phone will appear on-screen.

Niko can date several girlfriends – an iconic feature from San Andreas that makes its return – which may provide him with special bonuses and can be found via in-game internet browsing.


GTA 4 allows players to interact with its world in various ways. One approach is hiring non-player characters (NPCs). NPCs can perform tasks for you, such as cleaning or driving your car; additionally, they may take you places that would otherwise be hard to access in single-player mode.

Interact with NPCs through their AI. For instance, you could make your taxi service by having an in-game NPC steal a car and place your character inside it before driving around town, ignoring them as you ride with them.


GTA 4 Online features a more immersive and detailed world than previous entries in the series, with advanced graphics visualization and new weapons that work more realistically – such as recoil effects and the capability of missing shots.

Unfortunately, this game can attract hostile players who kill or damage your vehicle without apparent cause. However, you can avoid this situation by staying out of sight and avoiding confrontations.

GTA 4 Online stands out from other games by not offering money cheats; therefore, you must work for it and earn your funds through Stevie’s car theft missions. One effective method to make extra cash would be doing assignments from him that yield valuable funds.


The game contains 17 weapons to meet various situations. Some are even equipped with unique capabilities; for instance, the Shotgun works long- and short-range, while Railgun can fire metal rounds faster than sound speed.

Knives can be an efficient alternative to firearms, as they can take down most opponents with only three to six slashes. They’re instrumental during missions where police presence must not be attracted.

Some weapons can be randomly obtained, while others can be purchased from Gun Shops in Alderney and Bohan. Players may also upgrade some weapons using Weapon Workshops.


GTA 4 boasts an impressive variety of vehicles. This game boasts everything from regular four-wheeled city dwellers to extravagant fuel-guzzling supercars.

Though this edition of the series lacks some of the wackier vehicle elements in previous titles, there are still plenty of fun vehicles for drivers to enjoy driving. There’s something here for everyone from Heists to Free Mode and GTA Races!

You can play around with various clever glitches, like parking perpendicular to landing gears on an airport runway and waiting for the car to glitch underneath the map before freefalling until resurfacing back onto a tarmac surface.


GTA Online features an assortment of missions ranging from Contract Jobs and Mafia Work to Turf Wars. Each task has distinct requirements and rewards; these special missions also showcase unique elements that distinguish themselves from other game modes.

Some missions become unavailable at specific points in the storyline; for instance, Niko cannot date Kate after completing Three’s A Crowd or That Special Someone missions for Roman.

Players can quickly identify other players on the map using a dot representing them with their name displayed alongside it and colored with designs that correspond with their player color scheme.

GTA 4 Online

GTA 4 introduced numerous multiplayer modes that have since become staples of subsequent entries in the series, such as timed capture-the-base and team deathmatch games, which all require a high-speed internet connection for optimal playback.

Players can compete in either ranked matches or friendly Player Match matches, which are perfect for newer players. At the same time, rated games use less data than Player Match matches due to sharing statistics between networks.

El Fuga believes GTA 4’s physics, city detail, and driving mechanics remain unrivaled. Unfortunately, finding an active online community for it can be challenging.

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