How to Play Deal Or No Deal Online


Deal or No Deal can be played online for real money at various casinos and is an exciting way to test your luck and guts. Discover the best info about Unblocked Games.

Once four briefcases are opened, the Banker will make you another offer which could either be higher or lower depending on what cash amounts remain in each suitcase.


This game is an exhilarating test of nerves and luck. To win big prizes in both qualification rounds and top-up rounds, players must make wise choices throughout both qualification rounds and top-up rounds. It’s best to play this game with friends for optimal performance – try not to become overexcited during gameplay!

Keep an eye on which briefcases you keep and which to get rid of – remembering that bankers know what each case contains can make this decision-making more difficult for you than usual! This makes deciding which topics to keep or discard much harder.

Once your qualification round and prize enhancement have concluded, you will be shown the live game show floor featuring 16 locked briefcases that allow you to increase their values by selecting one and opening it; doing so reveals a power-up which can then be used during a Deal or No Deal round.


Deal or No Deal Live by Evolution Gaming is an engaging live casino game reminiscent of the world-famous TV show that can now be experienced online. Enjoy its studio atmosphere and high-definition graphics, which create the experience of playing in a real Deal or No Deal studio!

Each player receives an individual offer from the Banker and decides if they accept or decline it. Although the Banker knows which briefcases remain, they need to know which case has been selected by each player.

Once contestants open their first set of cases, they can boost prizes in five closed silver cases for anywhere between $0.01 and $100 each time one opens one. These boosts can be used anytime during play and increase your potential earnings significantly.


Deal or No Deal’s primary gameplay involves opening cases (or boxes) and deciding about taking the Banker’s offer or declining it. Each round consists in selecting fewer cases until only one remains. Then, each dollar amount is displayed on the screen, and contestants can say “deal” or “no deal.”

Players looking for big prizes can increase the size of any 16 briefcases by spinning a wheel. Any amount boosted will appear in its highlighted area and can be repeated any number of times; this feature can be found both during qualifying rounds and main games of Deal or No Deal Live.


Deal or No Deal Live, developed by Evolution Gaming, provides nonstop fun and suspense as you vie to win cash prizes! Based on the acclaimed TV show of the same name, Deal or No Deal Live is among the most engaging Live Casino games.

Players begin by selecting one of 26 cases or boxes containing different amounts of money and selecting it before receiving an offer from the Banker who aims to get as much out of them.

Every round, the Banker presents an offer, and the contestant must decide whether to accept it or reject it in favor of one another player – this requires both strategy and skill!


Deal or no deal online gambling games vary in their legality depending on where you reside, so before engaging in any casino gambling activity. It’s advisable to carefully read their terms and conditions and check whether gambling is permissible in your country. Also, make sure you are of legal age according to local regulations before gambling online.

Deal or No Deal first came on the air in 2005 and quickly rose to become one of the most beloved game shows ever created. Based on Dutch Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions), its format features 26 cases that contain random sums of money based on an algorithm.

Evolution Gaming’s online version of this popular television game show provides a unique online gaming experience with innovative gameplay elements creating an exciting online gaming experience.

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