How to Create a YouTube Tutorial


Before starting to create your YouTube tutorial, you should know what you are going to cover. This will help you make sure that your viewers keep watching. Remember that most people have short attention spans. So, you have to educate your viewers, not merely entertain them. Below are some tips for creating a video.

Creating a video

You must first identify what you want to convey to create a good video tutorial. This will help you decide how to deliver the video and what content you should include. The next step is to create a storyboard, a visual representation of the content you want to present. The storyboard will incorporate your notes from step one and serve as a general outline of the video. It will also help you decide the length and structure of the video.

When creating a YouTube tutorial, it is crucial to include keywords and the content of the video. The video’s title should be as brief as possible, but it should also contain relevant keywords. The title should have at least 70 characters, but keep in mind that YouTube only shows the first 40 characters. The description should also contain the link to the video. Make sure to place the link in the first three lines of the description. Remember to add tags to your video so it will be displayed in search results and other videos with similar content and target viewers.

Editing a video

There are many ways to edit a video for YouTube. You can cut out parts, add a color filter, and even add your music. An excellent tool to use is the free iMovie software. There are also other tools available that can make your video look professional. But before you start editing, be sure to check the rules of YouTube video creation.

Firstly, make sure you have a precise topic for your video. The good idea is to look at other videos that cover your chosen topic. You may find that one video covers a variety of topics while another video covers the same topic differently. Once you have a clear idea of your topic, you can move on to editing. Using background music is an essential part of making a good video. You can also find some great ideas for topics in the comments section of the videos. Many times, viewers will suggest topics they haven’t covered before.

Writing a video’s title.

The most effective titles on YouTube are concise, crisp, and include relevant keywords. This is crucial for mobile-friendly websites and videos because most YouTube viewers browse the site on their mobile devices. Long, complex titles will likely not be read on these devices and will only be partially visible. Instead, add relevant information to the video description or add all caps to grab the audience’s attention.

Write down the keywords your target audience would use when searching for a video. You can also consider creating a main character with the voice of your target audience. You may want to create a cartoon character, a CEO, or a narrator speaking in your brand voice. Whatever your main character, they should represent your target audience and reflect your goal. In choosing a suitable title, you can include your video’s subtitle or tagline.

Creating a video’s subtitles

YouTube has an easy-to-use tool that makes adding captions to videos a breeze. It lets you add captions to videos in many different languages. Log in to your YouTube account and select the ‘Video Manager’ tab. Next, click ‘Subtitles and CC.’ Select English or one of 160 other languages from the drop-down menu. Then, type your captions in the caption box above the media player. Once you’ve entered the caption, pause the video and click ‘+’ to lock it in place. Your captions will appear below the video, and you can easily edit them if necessary.

After completing the steps above, you can upload your video to YouTube Studio. After logging in to YouTube Studio, open up your video and choose the subtitles option from the menu on the left-hand side. Next, choose the video to work on. We’ll use the sci-fi movie “Teenagers From Outer Space” to illustrate the process.

Optimizing your video

It’s essential to understand how YouTube algorithms work. This will help you to improve your videos. If your video doesn’t rank well, you won’t get many views or traction. But if your video is optimized, it will get a lot more views, and you’ll gain more exposure on YouTube. You can use the keyword tool to find out what your audience is searching for.

Then, make the video as visually appealing as possible. This means using close-up shots of your performers or clear images of your topic. You can test this by zooming out an image in a photo editor until it’s about an inch wide. You can also take another screenshot of your video to test if it’s clear enough to be used as a thumbnail.