Garden City Bars


At Clarion Garden City Hotel, this bar provides an upscale option with quality spirits and wine and drinks and snacks to accompany them.

Experience a lively atmosphere while sipping drinks alongside burgers or pretzels, and enjoy this great place for socializing with family or friends.

Doc O’Grady’s

Doc O’Grady’s is an award-winning bar in Garden City, NY 11530, serving a range of beers and cocktails, along with Irish cuisine served by friendly staff members. Prices here are highly competitive with other area restaurants.

Garden City author Tom Murphy will host a book signing event for “The Anniversary Box,” his latest novel. This novel follows a woman as she discovers her parents have left an anniversary box full of messages for them, which proceeds to benefit a cause close to his heart: raising funds to cure lung cancer.

Tun Tavern

The Tun Tavern has long been a beloved Atlantic City landmark. Offering award-winning casual yet gourmet cuisine alongside handcrafted beers from their brewery, The Tun Tavern features an outdoor deck for live entertainment and award-winning simple cuisine to pair with them. At 2 Convention Blvd, you can find this favorite hangout.

The history of the US Marine Corps can be more complex than many people realize. On November 10, 1775, Tun Tavern in Philadelphia served as home for recruiting new Marines; today, this venue remains remembered as its birthplace.

Tun Tavern was established on the Delaware River waterfront by Samuel Carpenter in 1685, taking its name from a type of barrel used to store beer or wine. Tun quickly earned a reputation for serving delicious beers, becoming the meeting place for various social and political organizations, and drawing in guests like Benjamin Franklin and John Adams to its patronage. Tun was also famously associated with two prominent Philadelphia associations – St George’s Society (formed to aid English immigrants) and St Andrew’s Society (established to assist Scottish immigrants settling into Philadelphia), which would later go on to become synonymous with quality beers served there!). Tun was one of these taverns, also built by Samuel Carpenter – making it the birthplace of both groups!

In 1756, Benjamin Franklin led an attempt at organizing Pennsylvania militia at Tun Tavern as a response to Native American uprisings and initiated America’s Grand Masonic Lodge at this same tavern – this first meeting being led by Benjamin himself, eventually becoming its Grand Master of Freemasons!

Today, Tun Tavern serves as a restaurant, brewery, and bar specializing in hand-brewed beers, wines, and cocktails, as well as offering lunch and dinner service with an expansive menu ranging from steak and lobster to burgers and fish tacos.

Tun Tavern can easily be reached using public transit; numerous bus routes stop at its location, and you can use the Moovit app to view schedules and times for these buses and alternative ways of getting there, like train or subway travel.

Loving’s Moon

Black Moon, Garden City’s latest eatery, serves artisanal pizza and French pastries. It opened September 28 in the former Sportscard Fanatic spot on West Chinden Boulevard and features traditional table and bar seating, carryout service, and traditional seating, but its pastry chef won’t start working until December; for now, customers must visit in person for freshly baked bread and croissants.

Loving’s Moon offers an inviting and cozy environment, perfect for unwinding after a hard work day. There are various events throughout the week to keep you occupied, like Acoustic Jam Night on Wednesdays, Karaoke on Fridays, and Trivia on Saturdays; plus, there is family-friendly trivia night on Saturdays! With an outstanding 4.5 Google rating and family-friendly entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Visit them online via their Facebook page for more details and menu access!

King Bar

Are you in search of delicious food and drinks? Look no further than King Bar! They offer an impressive variety of cocktails, beer, and wine at very reasonable prices, while their service is impeccable – making this an excellent place for friends or families to gather with the pleasing atmosphere and stunning ambiance.

Garden City Bar & Wine Cellar offers the ideal venue to unwind with cocktails and wines in an atmospheric setting, making this popular among locals and visitors! Plus, its cuisine is sublime: definitely try this place when visiting Garden City!

This casual bar and grill offers an assortment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner food options, including seafood dishes. Their prices are very affordable, as well as offering drink specials.

This pub and restaurant provides a comfortable haven from the loud, overcrowded bars of its vicinity. Perfect for enjoying drinks with friends while listening to live music, this establishment also serves tasty snacks like fries topped with mouthwatering beer cheese – sure to please any palate.

This bar provides the ideal place to unwind and relax, conveniently situated nearby shops and restaurants. Their friendly and helpful staff serve delicious food while unique drink specials occur regularly – don’t miss out – make sure you stop by!