Emuibo For Switch – Update – Make Sure The Current Game Is Not Intercepted When Emuibo Is Running


Do SX OS games work correctly?

Games that require Emuibo to be on before launching now work as expected (Link’s Awakening, Fire Emblem Three House). Key combos no longer apply.

Amiibo save data has now been encrypted on bin dumps to prevent emulators from analyzing it and activating its effects in-game.

1. The current game is not intercepted.

Emuiibo now more accurately mimics Nintendo’s amiibo services internally, making many previously nonfunctional games,,,,,,, such as 20 Hearts Link Wolf Bin Dump, work great now! Key combos have been eliminated while using an overlay is now a much simpler and faster way to control Emuiibo.

Fixed a bug that could lead to libtesla crashing when saving a virtual amiibo. Now, the user interface allows users to separate out their name of virtual amiibo from its directory name so they can commit to different locations without needing to modify settings every time they save a file.

2. The current game is not intercepted.

Developer XorTroll has recently returned to the Switch scene and brought with him a significant upgrade of emuiibo: no longer do key combos need to be managed via key combinations; now, its own overlay makes controlling emuiibo 100 times easier! Furthermore, its internal “mimicking” of Nintendo’s amiibo services has been dramatically improved, which had caused certain games not to work correctly before (BOTW, 20 Hearts Link Wolf).

Note that Emuiibo no longer reads 20 Hearts Link Wolf bin dumps due to the use of encrypted save data that does not yet support decrypting; unfortunately, this won’t be resolved soon.

3. The current game is not intercepted.

Emuiibo now comes equipped with an easy and user-friendly way of controlling it: an overlay. Gone are vital combos – an overlay is 100 times more helpful! Additionally, how emuiibo mimics Nintendo amiibo services has been enhanced, fixing issues that prevented games like Link’s Awakening or Diablo 3 from functioning as intended.

Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution for games that require Emuiibo to be on when they launch (such as BOTW) due to them automatically initializing Amiibo services when found, and Emuiibo cannot change this behavior. We hope to be able to resolve this problem soon enough!

4. The current game is not intercepted.

This minor update aims to ensure the current game is not interrupted when running Emuiibo and fix a libtesla bug that caused Emuiibo to crash. Furthermore, we have implemented support for saving virtual amiibos directly onto FTP, with an improved UI that displays their names separate from their directories, which can come in handy if you use multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

EMUIIBo now better “mimics” Nintendo’s amiibo services, and this should resolve some games that do not function correctly (such as Link’s Awakening or Diablo 3 ). Unfortunately, however, not all problems will be remedied; specific titles require the amiibo services to be active at launch time and cannot be fixed using EMUIUBIO.