Daewoo Microwave Reviews


If you’re in the market for a new microwave, you’ve probably noticed the new Daewoo microwaves are starting to appear on store shelves. You may be wondering if these appliances live up to their hype. The good news is that they do! You can find Daewoo Microwave Reviews online that tell you if a particular model is worth your money.


The Daewoo KOR7LBKM is a high-performance microwave oven. It features a concave reflector in the cavity that evenly distributes energy throughout the food. It also has a dual wave system that prevents cold sections of food from forming. It also features five power levels and five auto-cook programs that make it easy to cook various foods.

The Daewoo KOR7LBKM has an aesthetically pleasing design. It has rounded corners, a silver handle and knobs, and a digital display that’s easy to read. The user-friendly controls don’t have a number pad or a touchpad, but there are four buttons on the top that can be pressed for different functions. The KOR7LBKM is available in red, white, and black.

Another attractive feature of the Daewoo KOR7LBKM microwave is its retro look. It looks like it belongs in a 1950s kitchen. It also features an auto-defrost feature. It is also available in a mint color, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a microwave with a retro feel.


The Daewoo KOR7REM microwave has a 700-watt capacity, making it ideal for reheating plates of food. This oven also has auto defrost and four auto cook programs, allowing the user to adjust the power level depending on the cooked food type.

This microwave comes in a retro-styled design, making it a unique kitchen piece. Its mint-green color stands out from most microwaves, usually black and squarish. The retro design of the Daewoo KOR7REM microwave gives it a very appealing look, and it is a stylish addition to the kitchen.


This small, portable microwave oven from Daewoo comes with a concave reflex technology that helps distribute microwaves evenly throughout your food. This appliance is also easy to operate thanks to its easy-to-read control panel. Reviewers have praised the durability of this appliance, as well as the ease of use and convenience of its small design.

Aside from its energy-saving features, this microwave is aesthetically appealing. Its design reminds users of 1950s-style kitchen appliances with its stainless steel body. This makes it a perfect choice for small kitchens and one-person households. It also comes with a zero standby energy function, which keeps the display off when not in use, thus reducing power consumption.

The 800-watt cooking power of this appliance is adequate for most of your everyday cooking needs. Besides, the device is also equipped with an auto-defrost mode and four auto-cooking programs. These programs make it easier to cook various foods quickly and conveniently, and you can customize power levels according to the food you’re cooking.


Daewoo used to be a massive conglomerate but has now split into multiple smaller successor companies. In this case, Daewoo Electronics made the KOC9Q1T combi microwave, which has decent build quality for a combi microwave. The appliance also comes in two different finishes: white and stainless steel. Overall, the KOC9Q1T is a good value for the price, although the build quality could do with some improvement.

This combination microwave offers 700 watts of cooking power. It may take up to 5 minutes to heat a plate of food, but it cooks evenly and has five power levels and four auto cooking programs. These settings allow you to customize the power level according to the food you cook.

This model is easy to clean and features a stainless steel interior cavity. It also has a honeycomb design, which makes it easy to clean. It has a defrost feature and five automatic cooking menus. The microwave also has an oven, grill, and a timer for reheating foods.

Another great feature is its retro design. The Daewoo microwave is designed to look like a 1950s-style stove. It also features a zero standby energy feature, which keeps the display off while saving power. This feature can save up to 50% on overall energy use.