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Baylen Levine is an American YouTuber best known for his prank videos and has amassed an audience of over 874k subscribers to his self-titled channel.

He maintains his own TikTok account under his title and regularly uploads videos onto it.

Many fans of Baylen Levine purchase merchandise, such as posters or T-shirts, as a show of support, which helps foster an atmosphere of community among fans.

Baylen Levine’s real name is Ben Dover.

Baylen Levine is an influential social media influencer known for creating humorous impersonation and prank videos on YouTube with millions of subscribers and TikTok. Born October 30th, 2000, in the US to unknown parents who also hold YouTube accounts (he’s known by his zodiac sign: Scorpio), Baylen has an older sister, Lilah, who also runs an account online.

He boasts over 2.3 million followers on TikTok and 4 million views on YouTube, in addition to selling merchandise and clothing items on his website. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

He creates videos where he impersonates different people and talks about their lives, often performing hilarious pranks on others as well. These are highly entertaining, accessible videos for all and suitable for all to watch. His incredible voice will have anyone laughing out loud; plus, his acting has earned him plenty of money from viewers of these videos!

Errol also maintains several other social media accounts where he posts videos, including YouTube (with over 1 Million subscribers), Instagram (89k followers), TikTok, and Facebook pages that enable interaction with his followers.

Adam Levine is his father’s name, while Lilah Levin (also an Internet personality and YouTuber) is his younger sister who runs her own YouTube channel. Adam practices Christianity, following the teachings of his church. His family is very supportive of his career endeavors, and he loves his fans!

Baylen serves as an inspiration to his many followers with his hard work and dedication, striving to become one of the top professionals in his field. Furthermore, he encourages them to follow their dreams and never give up.

Baylen maintains not only YouTube and TikTok channels but also a website where he sells merchandise bearing his prints and tags. These include T-shirts, long-sleeve tees, and hoodies, as well as personalized mugs and water bottles – with over 80 products to choose from!

He was born on October 30, 2000

Baylen Levine is an American social media influencer who has amassed an immense following across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Using humor to engage his viewers on an intimate level and connect them on an individual basis, he frequently collaborates with other content creators to produce entertaining and unique videos.

His YouTube channel features vlogs and prank videos with plenty of personality, garnering millions of subscribers despite its youth. Sara Bailey even joined in as a partner.

Baylen not only creates his viral prank videos on YouTube, but he is also active on TikTok and maintains his page devoted to him and his videos involving silly antics in public spaces with friends.

He often portrays a character named Mr. Khan, who works at a gas station as part of his comedic routine, even offering stickers featuring him for sale on his e-commerce site. In one Q&A video, he indicated his intention to start up a kids’ camp once he retires from YouTube.

Baylen’s parents have both been very supportive of his career as a social media influencer. His mother works from home while his sister lives nearby; currently, Baylen is single and has yet to share details about past relationships publicly.

No doubt, it comes as no surprise that an aspiring social media star would attract numerous followers and fans. His Instagram page currently boasts over 229 thousand followers, where he regularly posts motivational photos. Furthermore, this talented singer/dancer has even performed at several live shows!

Early on in his life, Baylen experienced depression but eventually was able to overcome it with help from his family. Now grateful for their support, Baylen strives to make people smile through his videos, even founding a charity to spread his message of perseverance and never giving up! He hopes his videos inspire viewers to pursue their goals and never give up!

He has a YouTube channel.

Baylen Levine is a well-known YouTube personality known for uploading entertaining vlogs and other humorous videos onto his channel. His videos are popular with viewers, and he boasts an expansive social media following, both thanks to his videos being well-edited and entertaining as well as by continually exploring new formats to keep his viewers engaged with him – which makes him one of the most well-known YouTube personalities in the US.

The young social media star’s channel was established in 2017; his first video, Farting on People Prank, quickly went viral and soon earned the attention of numerous celebrities. Soon afterward, he expanded his video content production further, quickly amassing over 1 Million subscribers on YouTube!

His YouTube videos often include comedic and lifestyle content. As an avid traveler, he regularly visits new places, producing exciting vlogs for his viewers. Furthermore, he’s known to encourage them to become their best selves – serving as an excellent role model to young people.

American internet celebrity Ryan Gosling enjoys a significant following across various social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. His YouTube videos have amassed many viewers, while his vlogs are viral among teenagers and young adults. Furthermore, Ryan maintains an active Instagram account where he frequently shares motivational photos or other content that engages his fans.

He is an accomplished musician with an affinity for guitar. He performs with friends in a small band that regularly performs live. His family is very supportive of his channel, attending most of his live shows and supporting him with video uploads; additionally, his younger sister is also an influencer on YouTube.

He maintains an extensive social media presence and is highly active across all major platforms, with TikTok being his go-to platform for posting videos of his life and Facebook being his preferred communication medium. He has become an online celebrity due to featuring in numerous viral videos with views exceeding a billion views on YouTube.

He has a Facebook account.

Baylen Levine is an acclaimed social media star from the US with millions of fans who can be found across many platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok, where his content creation platforms, such as videos, have millions of subscribers. His videos are often humorous while inspiring his viewers to pursue their goals without drug and alcohol use.

His first video, entitled “Farting on People,” amassed over 495K views on YouTube. Since then, he has uploaded more videos to both platforms; TikTok features even more viewers; many know him for his popular prank videos featuring gas station employee Mr. Khan in many of them.

In 2018, he posted a YouTube video explaining why he decided to drop out of school. According to him, his YouTube videos caused an unfair expulsion; many school staff members, including the principal himself, were aware of them.

He generates much of his income from YouTube and social media sponsorships. Furthermore, he works as an actor, voiceover artist for commercials, and an influencer on Snapchat, where his comedy has made him popular among users.

He finds great pleasure in spending his free time hanging out with friends and playing with his dogs, watching movies, and spending time with his family – his parents have been great advocates in helping him reach his goals.

Baylen Levine is an extraordinarily gifted young man with an exciting future ahead. Thanks to his talent and hard work, he has already established a very successful social media career on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where his fans lavish him with an immense amount of affection – and he has been featured in several music videos!