Barbie Fashion Trends for Summer


At first, Barbie donned a black-and-white-striped one-piece swimsuit when first released for sale; over time, she has acquired over one billion wardrobe pieces to serve as role models to young girls. Mattel co-founder Jack Petter believed Barbie could act as an effective role model.

Pink has long been known as Barbie’s signature hue, so why not create your own Barbiecore look with a vibrant pink romper and some adorable accessories?

Fashion Designer

Carol Spencer has become one of the best-known fashion designers of her six-decade career: she designed hundreds of outfits for America’s favorite doll until her retirement from Mattel in 1998. Now published by HarperCollins is Carol’s photo-packed memoir: Dressing Barbie (HarperCollins).

In addition to Spencer’s vast fashion collection, this book chronicles her rise through Mattel from an unknown background into one of its top executives. She worked alongside fashion luminaries such as Givenchy and Donna Karan, Nicole Miller, Byron Lars (whose dresses for Barbie first put him on the fashion radar);

Spencer understood the significance of scale when designing outfits for her diminutive clientele; she writes: “Size is everything.” In other words, you cannot make a giant’s coat fit an 11-inch-tall girl! Furthermore, Spencer understood Barbie wasn’t simply about fashion but about imagination and self-fulfillment: it gave girls power beyond their environment to reach for what’s possible through Barbie.

Spencer’s book also recounts her work with Mattel to create their iconic product, the Barbie Fashion Designer (1996) computer game, which was widely criticized for encouraging gendered play styles and unrealistic standards of beauty. Yet it became an important milestone: according to a 1998 Billboard article, Barbie Fashion Designer outsold games generally considered for boys, such as Quake, setting off today’s boom of gaming specifically designed for female consumers.

The game was eccentric; digital Domain’s studio hired composer Fletcher Beasley of X-Men fame (on Sega Genesis) to write its MIDI music in three days based on one of Barbie’s fashion collections. The paper and markers included were included to help users create unique black-and-white patterns, which they then used adhesive tape to stick on her Barbie. Mattel hired Digital Domain as producer; composer Fletcher Beasley wrote songs inspired by each of Barbie’s fashion collections!

Fashion Show

Pint-sized plastic dolls, often forgotten after childhood, now emerge as fashion’s style icon. Amid the worldwide Barbiecore phenomenon and this Friday’s premiere of her movie, Barbie has been an inspirational source for summer style trends. Couture designer Valentino kicked off this pink wave at Paris Fashion Week when his models donned complete fuchsia outfits; many celebrities quickly followed suit to express joy after weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Many are embracing Barbie’s classic styles to reinvent her; others follow in her footsteps. Lizzo donned Valentino pink attire as she debuted her Amazon Prime series “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” in June and described this momentous occasion as one of reinvention: people “taking Barbiecore energy and making it their own.”

Kate McKinnon’s Y2K Barbie look from the trailer has proven immensely popular; featuring an elegant pink gingham dress paired with platform shoes and an adorable necklace, it makes an eye-catching ensemble ideal for a fun summertime event!

Kids of all ages will enjoy using the Barbie Fashion Show game to channel their creative energies into something extraordinary! Kids can create fashionable collections for Barbie and her friends and then stage fashion shows showcasing them! Players have access to over 70 clothing patterns and 240 fabrics, as well as stage designs, runway textures and lighting options when setting the scene for their shows.

Technifex was recently instrumental in making Barbie come alive at the FAO Schwartz store in Manhattan, where visitors can select their own Barbie before watching her enter a runway under show lighting and turn several times. Technifex engineered and fabricated the computerized runway system and worked closely with Mattel on developing software allowing selection by customers.

Fletcher Beasley, best known for his work on video game titles such as X-Men and Spider-Man for Sony PlayStation and Sega Genesis consoles, composed a special theme song for Barbie: Fashion Icon using only three notes using MIDI technology – nodding to her role as a fashion icon from her beginnings as an iconic fashion figure.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week is an event where fashion designers showcase their newest collections to buyers. Additionally, editors and stylists use this opportunity to stay current on trends. Fashion Weeks can be found worldwide; some notable ones can be found in New York, London, Paris and Milan, however many cities and regions host their own. Fashion Week is an effective way for local businesses to promote themselves while drawing in visitors to an area.

Mattel commemorated Barbie’s 50th anniversary by hosting a fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year. Fifty designers created dresses that reflected past, present, and future looks of the iconic doll; from high ponytails to futuristic styles; there was something for everyone at this fashion show! Pink was the primary color used throughout; models wore dresses designed by Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, and Tommy Hilfiger as well as pink Christian Louboutin heels for added effect.

Margot Robbie has been working tirelessly to promote her latest movie ‘Barbie.’ At CinemaCon 2023 she donned a light pink Bottega Veneta set featuring pleated mini skirt and a bustier crop top with two-tone Manolo Blahnik Jada pumps for the event.

At her photo call in Los Angeles, she chose a pink polka dot Valentino mini dress inspired by one released in 2015. For added effect, she accessorized with white heels and a yellow purse that matched the pink convertible she is portraying in the film.

She continued her color trend for a photocall in London. This time she donned a red satin corseted minidress by Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu inspired by Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie from the 1960s. To complete the look, she added accessories such as a woven Chanel bag, two-tone Manolo Blahnik Jada heels, and bedazzled Judith Leiber pink ’80s-style phone from Judith Leiber.

Robbie managed to squeeze out several photocalls despite having to cancel several public appearances due to the SAG-AFTRA strike, wearing an all red velvet floral skirt and jacket set by Vivienne Westwood with a matching top handle bag, matching shoes from Maison Ernest and matching full handle handbag woven top handle bag woven top handle bag as an accent piece.

Fashion Trends

Barbie has long been considered a style icon with her lush blond locks and pink wardrobe, which have had an enormous influence on fashion worldwide. Recently however, Barbie made a comeback through a trend known as Barbiecore; an unapologetic girly style inspired by everyone’s favorite plastic doll that you can easily pull off this summer.

The Barbiecore fashion trend primarily centers on its signature pink hue, yet incorporates feminine silhouettes and matching sets with diverse feminine silhouettes. Wearable versions range from soft dusty rose to vibrant fuchsia hues paired with glittery accents or bedazzled embellishments; celebrities such as Lizzo, Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, and Florence Pugh have all rocked Barbie pink ensembles on red carpets and runways alike.

Barbiecore can be worn to any event and any level of sophistication; casual or elegant is up to you! The key is keeping the balance with a mix of textures and tones – Margot Robbie from Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie even donned a pink cowgirl outfit which could easily be replicated by pairing a printed pink dress with Western accessories like white Western boots!

Add some flair to your Barbie-inspired looks by pairing them with statement shoes that complement them, from heels to sneakers – you will surely find a pair that speaks to you! Choose between floral-print strappy sandals, thong sandals, or Ugg Booties for maximum effect.

Hair accessories that complete the look include braiding or tying up in a high ponytail, bows, or clips to complete your style and jewelry pieces to complete the look.

TikTok users have embraced the Barbie-inspired trend, popularised by stars such as Winnie Harlow and Gigi Hadid. To achieve the look, start with choosing a bright metallic pink hue before layering details onto your outfit to complete it. Accessorize with accessories like an adorable purse or necklace to complete this chic ensemble!