Athleta Jeans Review


These are a great choice if you’re looking for the best travel jeans for running, biking, and hiking. They’re made of a lightweight stone-washed fabric that looks good and feels fantastic.

These jeans also feature Sculptek technology, which helps them move with your body and shape your legs in all directions. They’re designed to fit you perfectly, even after consecutive days of wear.

Sculptek Technology

If you’re looking to rethink your workout wardrobe, this pair of jeans from Athleta is for you. Designed with 360-degree stretch and body-sculpting technology, these pants are perfect for hiking, yoga or even day-in-day-out travel.

Athleta’s Sculptek technology is seamless and has zero pinch points, meaning the fabric doesn’t hold you back from moving the way you want to. Athleta’s R&D team worked with a fiber technology company to create a new material that responds to every movement, regardless of body shape.

These pants are made with a unique cotton, polyester, and spandex blend for a midweight fit that’s supportive and balanced. The Sculptek stretch fabric is also incredibly soft and comfortable, so you’ll feel confident wearing it for workouts and everyday life.

Sculptek Fit

Sculptek is a fabric technology that solves a common problem in activewear. It’s a denser version of Spandex but also seamless, which means it won’t pull or pinch against your skin.

This is the secret sauce that makes these jeans work. They are made of a unique cotton, polyester, and spandex blend that stretches to your body. They’re also tapered at the hem to make them more flattering on your legs, which is a huge plus.

They also feature a new wash technique that minimizes their environmental impact, using at least 20% less water than traditional production methods. And with five pockets, including two Powermesh front pockets, you’ll have enough room to store all your essentials during a trip (think: gum, maps, tickets, etc.). They’re a must-have for travelers seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional jeans. It’s no wonder that Athleta is incorporating the Sculptek technology into all its activewear.

Sculptek Pockets

Whether you’re a hiker, backpacker, or a travel-lover, these pants fit the bill. They’re made of special cotton, COOLMAX polyester, rayon, and a spandex blend that’s super stretchy, breathable, and comfortable for long trips.

These jeans also feature “power mesh front pockets” that aren’t bulky and stretch to fit everything from your keys to your gum. They’re perfect for packing all your essentials when you’re off the beaten path.

They’re made of Sculptek fabric technology that Athleta uses for many of their activewear. The fabric is “responsive to the way you move,” and it’s built to help keep you sculpted and robust during even the most intense workouts.

Sculptek Wash

Sculptek (pronounced “squeal”) is an innovative fabric that promotes 360-degree stretch and a form-fitting silhouette. The company also uses an intelligent washing technology called Washwell, which minimizes water usage by 20% compared to standard denim production processes. The company has incorporated its patented fabric into a few other products, including these high-end jeans that feature a five-pocket design – with two power mesh front pockets to boot.

As a traveler, I always search for the best way to spend my hard-earned cash, and Athleta’s latest offering is no exception. The company’s Sculptek X skinny jean is the newest iteration of the iconic denim trend. While you may be familiar with the brand for its athletic apparel, these jeans are designed for the active woman looking to up her comfort game while still incorporating fashion. Athleta’s Sculptek X women’s skinny jeans are available in a black or grey wash and cost around $118.