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Addison Rae is an American teenage TikTok Star and social media influencer, boasting millions of followers on her account and regularly posting lip-syncing videos to her profile.

In January, she signed with WME as part of her commitment to events through the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend with Charli and Dixie D’amelio.

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Addison Rae is an iconic American TikTok star who regularly posts creative content and dance videos to her social media accounts, amassing over 30 million followers on the platform and over 5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel – her videos include lip-sync clips as well as dancing clips; she has collaborated with numerous TikTok celebrities such as Bryce Hall and Alex Warren to produce these clips.

Dance is her profession, and she has performed in multiple shows, winning numerous awards along the way. Currently, she’s part of TikTok celebrity collaboration group Hype House alongside Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Avani Gregg; in addition to creating videos specifically for TikTok, she also keeps a YouTube channel full of daily vlogs and lifestyle posts.

She maintains an Instagram account through which she posts pictures and other content that her fans and followers enjoy watching, following, and sending fan emails as expressions of affection and gratitude – something many celebrities receive as part of the tradition.

Addison Rae can be reached using her personal mobile phone number or email address, but she also has various internet ids that enable her to communicate with people worldwide – some active on multiple social media platforms that provide real-time chat capabilities.

According to reports, Addison Rae has started dating guitarist Omer Fedi. She enjoys strong relationships with both parents and two brothers – Monty Lopez is her father while Sheri Easterling is her mother – and regularly posts images and videos of herself with them online.

Her parents provide her with encouragement and assistance as she pursues a career in dancing. Dancing has long been her passion, so when posting dancing videos with friends or fans, she often posts them to Instagram to showcase them. Fans and followers admire her hard work – making her an admirable role model for young dancers looking for direction in the field.

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Addison Rae, an American dancer and TikTok Star with millions of followers across social media accounts is a beloved internet celebrity who regularly receives requests for selfies or autographs from her fans. There are various methods by which Addison can be reached; fans can send her letters or emails or call her directly.

Addison Rae Easterling was born October 6 in Lafayette, Louisiana, United States, and became famous by joining TikTok. There, she created dancing and lip-syncing videos for her millions of followers to watch on TikTok as well as active accounts on Instagram and Vine. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple films and is part of the Hype House collaborative group.

Addison Rae is an outstanding dancer and an inspiration for many of her followers. Due to her hard work and dedication, she has amassed immense fame over time. Additionally, Addison Rae has become known to respond to fan mail and sign autographs directly in the mail, so if you’re an admirer of Addison Rae, you can send her a letter or email by following these instructions.

Additionally, you can follow her on her official Instagram account, where she regularly shares photos and videos from her daily activities. With an option to directly message her – perfect if you have any inquiries or want to say hi – Instagram provides another excellent avenue for staying in contact.

Alongside her social media profiles, you can also locate her phone number and house address online. Various sources have verified both lessons to ensure accuracy; however, when gathering this data, it is wise always to use genuine sources if possible, as any fake numbers and emails could lead to spamming and other problems when reaching out to celebrities. Hence, it is vital that when searching for their contact details, you use trustworthy and reliable sources in order to avoid unwanted issues when reaching out, in addition to using professional email addresses that protect against spamming as much as possible!

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Addison Rae is an established social media influencer with an impressive following on TikTok and Instagram, where she boasts over 60 million followers compared to around 40 million on Instagram. Addison Rae frequently responds to fans’ direct messages through fan mail and direct letters – her fans even send fan mail directly! She regularly uploads vlogs, challenges, and prank videos onto YouTube for viewing pleasure – her followers range from millions to over 60 million on TikTok alone! Her fans send fan mail directly from fans; many celebrities even respond directly – as Addison does, Addison does her.

Send her a letter or postcard at her home address. Remember to include a self-addressed envelope along with any notes or photos for autographing requests, along with pictures/posters marked “Do not bend.” This will help ensure it arrives safely at her. Additionally, write “Do not fold” so as not to accidentally bend the picture when writing out the envelope address.

Addison Rae can be found on Facebook. She regularly updates her page with new photos and information; in addition, she is active across other popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Addison Rae can also be reached through her YouTube channel, where you’ll find videos showcasing her dancing and lip-syncing talents, as well as her gaming prowess in various titles. She even has an exclusive gaming channel dedicated to this hobby!

As well as her social media profiles, you can also visit her official website, where you can access all the latest information on her and how you can reach her. Plus, get an inside glimpse into her personal life & see what’s up next in real life!

Contacting influencers via their official email addresses is another secure and convenient option available to those wishing to connect. Just ensure the email is verified before using it, and include a short message along with contact info in your communication.

Addison Rae was born October 6, 2000, in Lafayette, Louisiana, in the United States, to Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling and had two younger brothers, Lucas and Enzo. She enjoys a large following on social media accounts, as well as appearing in numerous movies and television shows. She is currently dating musician Omer Fedi.

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Addison Rae is an internet celebrity best known for her dancing videos on TikTok and other platforms such as Hype House. She has become part of this collective that includes other TikTok stars and celebrities such as Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Avani Gregg. Addison boasts a beautiful body type and frequently wears stylish ensembles.

TikTok and YouTube users regularly engage with her content and ask her questions via comments sections of posts, while on Instagram, her followers often interact with her as well as contact her directly using an email address she provides them with.

If you want to reach Addison Rae quickly and securely, using her email address is the most efficient and safest method of communication. She will soon read your message and respond in kind – plus, this form of contact provides extra privacy and safety!

Addison Rae is an American social media celebrity and muser who rose to prominence via TikTok. Known for her creative content that blends humor with dance moves, she also maintains her own YouTube channel containing videos and vlogs about herself. Addison currently attends Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport.

Rae is a talented dancer with a stunning physique and gorgeous complexion. In addition, she excels at singing and acting and has amassed an extensive following on social media channels. When not dancing or performing other artistic endeavors, Rae enjoys reading or writing in her free time; traveling is another passion she holds dear, having visited numerous countries during her lifetime.

She is a highly positive and enthusiastic individual who thrives on helping others. Her dedication to both work and fans has propelled her success; she serves as an excellent role model for young women wishing to pursue their goals in the music or film industries. With so much talent ahead of her, it seems inevitable she will achieve greatness!