A Vietnamese Cafe’s Menu Has An Unusual Blend Of Ingredients


In the menu of a Vietnamese cafe, you will find an unusual combination of ingredients. This blend has a base of Vietnamese coffee and is topped with ube, a savory ingredient with a strong flavor. Ube is not a new addition to coffee, but it is unique in the context of egg coffee. While egg coffee might look like an egg yolk dipped into coffee, the Nep Cafe Egg Coffee elevates the ingredient to a new level.


You’ll find an intriguing combination of ingredients in the Nep Cafe’s Egg Coffee. The drink’s base is Vietnamese coffee, with a hint of egg flavor from ube. It’s not a new addition to Vietnamese coffee, but it does add a unique touch to the beverage. A fluffy layer of egg foam is topped over the drink. The result looks like the yolk has been dunked in the coffee. This is just one example of how eggs can be elevated from being a simple ingredient in Vietnamese cooking.

You can also order the Dao, which is made with the finest ingredients. The Dao at the Nep Cafe is an example of a dish where Vietnamese and French cooking techniques meet. Among the dishes on the menu are a Dao with sous vide egg and potato espuma with truffle. Other dishes include Cajun pork jowl and popcorn chicken. The menu includes egg coffee, iced black and egg coffee, and egg iced tea.

The breakfast menu at the Nep Cafe is not as diverse as that of a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. Instead, this cafe specializes in Vietnamese breakfast and the style and presentation of its dishes. It has a small but solid menu. Egg coffee, which has become famous throughout Vietnam, is a specialty here.

Banh mi

Nep Cafe is a Vietnamese brunch spot with a twist on classic Vietnamese fare. The menu features an array of deconstructed banh mi, including banh mi Chao. The cafe is also known for serving coffee that has a distinct Vietnamese taste. In addition to its menu featuring traditional Vietnamese fare, Nep Cafe also serves up modern spins on classic dishes.

The coffee at Nep Cafe is a Vietnamese brew with a base of strong Vietnamese coffee and an egg flavor. The use of ube isn’t new, but the addition of eggs elevates the drink to a new level. The fluffy foam atop the cup may look like a yolk dunked into the coffee. If you’re an egg lover, you’ll be thrilled with Nep Cafe’s version of this classic Vietnamese drink.

The banh mi at Nep Cafe isn’t your traditional sandwich but fresh and tasty. While the sandwiches aren’t made with meat, they have plenty of veggies, including carrots, cucumbers, jalapenos, cilantro, and radish.

Egg coffee

Nep Cafe serves egg coffee, an elevated variation of a traditional cup of coffee. This unique drink is made with a Vietnamese coffee base, egg flavor, and ube. Ube is not new, but adding eggs makes this drink even more exciting. In addition, the coffee comes with a layer of foam on top, which looks like an egg yolk dipped in coffee. Nonetheless, the egg flavor and ube are not the only things to love about the Nep Cafe’s egg coffee.

While the drink is originally from Vietnam, egg coffee is now becoming more popular in the U.S., especially in Orange County. Traditionally, egg coffee is made by beating an egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk and then pouring it over a hot coffee. Occasionally, it is topped with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

The tradition of drinking egg coffee dates back to 1946 when a shortage of milk struck Hanoi. A clever bartender discovered that combining egg yolks with sugar could replace the missing liquid. Since then, egg coffee has spread throughout Vietnam.


The Nep Café in Irvine, California, has applied for a liquor license. The cafe is located at the Heritage Plaza Shopping Center off the I-5 freeway. The restaurant is part of Kei Concepts, which also runs Nep Cafe in Fountain Valley. The application states that the restaurant has acquired the liquor license from EMC Seafood & Raw Bar.

Egg Coffee is a Vietnamese coffee drink with ube added as an ingredient. Ube is not a new addition to coffee, but the addition of the ingredient elevates the traditional beverage to a new level. The coffee is served with an egg-based foam. At first, the foam may look like an egg yolk dipped into coffee. However, Nep Cafe Egg Coffee is an incredibly unique way to introduce eggs into the culinary world.

The restaurant offers breakfast and brunch, as well as lunch and dinner. The menu features Vietnamese breakfast favorites like Dao (a Vietnamese pancake) with sous vide egg, potato espuma (a thick Vietnamese-style potato pancake), and popcorn chicken (with five-spice seasoning). Egg coffee and ube are some of the cafe’s other specialties.