A Review of Skamx Clothing Reviews


An examination of Skamx clothing reviews will yield mixed responses from customers. Some customers have noted being charged twice, while others believe they were signed up without consent to VIP membership clubs.

Another telltale sign of fraudulent online stores is when their websites do not include contact information for customers to reach them.

Casual dresses

Skamx provides a selection of casual dresses perfect for relaxing weekends with friends or lounging on the beach. Their dresses come in various styles, patterns, and colors to meet every wardrobe need while being made with premium quality fabric for both comfort and style. With outstanding customer service and commitment to providing top-of-the-line products – Skamx stands out as an industry leader in giving stylish yet comfortable casual wear!

Customer feedback should always be considered when shopping online, as it can help determine whether an online store is legitimate. SiteJabber allows shoppers to read reviews from other customers to make an informed decision about which products or services to buy from different stores; some sites with negative customer feedback might make you reconsider purchasing from them altogether.

Skamx clothing often falls short of expectations. Shoppers had reported receiving dirty dresses when they arrived and that their sizing wasn’t accurate – both factors being huge deterrents for many individuals when considering making a purchase decision. Therefore, it is critical to read customer reviews before deciding.

Despite mixed reviews, Skamx remains a top pick for women’s outerwear, hailing from China with worldwide distribution of its products. Their customer satisfaction policy allows customers to return items that do not meet expectations, while they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase made from them.

Skamx also offers an expansive collection of sleep & loungewear designed for ultimate comfort and coziness, perfect for lounging at home or relaxing on the sofa. Their hoodies and sweatshirts feature premium materials that offer maximum wearability.

Skamx has earned itself a stellar reputation for outstanding customer service and competitive prices, but some customers may have reservations about shopping with them due to legitimacy concerns. A lack of reviews on their official website should serve as a red flag – however many Skamx products boast positive comments across various social media platforms.

Sleep & loungewear

After a long day, few things beat slipping into your most comfortable clothes at the end of each day and unwinding in style with loungewear that offers maximum comfort without raising eyebrows. Although most loungewear is designed with sleeping in mind, the latest fashion designers have embraced hygiene and gender neutrality concepts into their collections, offering everything from comfortable sweatshirts to high-fashion hoodies. Hence, there is something suitable for every loungewear style imaginable.

Outside of the apparent distinctions between sleepwear and loungewear, there are other crucial differences. Pajamas are usually worn during sleeping hours to soften any noise from movement; loungewear, on the other hand, is ideal for casually lounging around the house and can often feature soft fabric suitable for lounging with accessories to complete its look.

Investing in versatile loungewear that can transition you from day to night will help ensure you remain focused and productive while being at home working from home. While sweatpants and a t-shirt might tempt you, stylish loungewear will increase productivity if a video conference call arises.

Skamx provides an impressive variety of tops, bottoms, and garments, including loungewear. Their styles include relaxed pants, tracksuits, joggers, jeans, camisoles, and wrinkle-resistant fabrics perfect for traveling. However, shoppers should be wary as some products on Skamx may not be authentic due to a low trust score, and they should conduct additional research before purchasing from this site. Contact a customer service representative to determine whether this site is legitimate.


Skamx provides stylish yet comfortable outerwear options for men and women to meet every fashion need. Crafted with quality materials and designed with classic silhouettes, their clothing doesn’t fade after washing, and their colors won’t run, assuring long-term value for years of use.

Skammx offers several sales offers for new customers. Shipping is free on orders of $69 or more, and international delivery is offered. Furthermore, a 30-day return policy helps prevent fraud; scammers often use fake names and addresses when setting up websites.

While some reviews of Skamx products have been positive, others have experienced issues. On SiteJabber, for instance, numerous studies were given low scores due to product quality issues or size concerns; several buyers noted their products were too small.

Others have complained about Skamx’s poor customer service. Customers have claimed their support representatives are rude and ineffective; another common criticism involves security issues with the site; credit card scams occur frequently, and shoppers find themselves signed up without consent to VIP membership clubs that charge them for items they didn’t order; new shoppers should exercise extreme caution by reading customer feedback before purchasing from online stores – doing this will help avoid scams while saving money!

Work dresses

Skamx provides work dresses designed to meet various occasions. Available in multiple colors, patterns, and styles – with their color remaining vibrant even after numerous washes – these dresses make great casual Friday attire or winter night essentials.

Customers find their target products quickly on this user-friendly website, with customer service professionals being especially friendly and helpful in finding exactly what customers are searching for in seconds. Special sales offers are available exclusively to new buyers, and any product not to the customer’s liking may be returned at no cost.

Though this website claims to offer high-quality clothing at reasonable prices, there are concerns it could be a fraud site. Due to no customer reviews on the site and difficulty determining its legitimacy, buyers should read reviews carefully before purchasing to ensure they’re not duped into dealing with an evil company. Similarly, no contact number or address is listed – another red flag, and customers should always be wary of companies that do not disclose this information.