Uniqlo Ezy Jeans Review


When we first tested the Uniqlo Ezy Jeans, we were very impressed by the quality of the fabric. They felt much higher quality than similarly priced jeans from other brands and barely shrank in the washer and dryer. They shrank by about two and a half inches across all dimensions.

Naked & Famous Super Guy selvedge jeans

These Naked & Famous Super Guy selvedge jeans are made from Japanese selvedge denim and feature an exciting charcoal selvedge. The jeans have a button fly and nice branded rivets. They also feature a white and red selvedge line on the coin pocket. The stitching is tonal, and the back pocket has a leather patch.

The jeans run long and show off the double hem seam. The slim back pockets are a nice touch. They are very comfortable to wear. I found the Naked & Famous Super Guy selvedge jeans exceptionally well-made. They had a light wash and a good fit. The company’s customer service was also good.

These jeans are made from mid-weight 13-oz rope-dyed Japanese selvedge denim. They come in different fits, and you can also order them custom. You can choose a slim or tapered fit.

Paige slouch tapered ankle pants.

These EZY Ankle Pants feature a high-rise, flared silhouette with a high-rise waist. These pants are made of soft and stretchy material and provide a contemporary, comfortable fit. They are available at UNIQLO stores nationwide.

The brand’s EZY collection is a comfortable and ultra-stretchy alternative to traditional trousers and loungewear joggers. The Paige style is made from a stretchy, breathable fabric, with a slouch tapered ankle. It’s not overly baggy or too slim; it’s the perfect middle ground.

Bonobos stretch denim

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that can take a beating, stretch denim from Bonobos may be the way to go. These jeans are made with a blend of polyester, cotton, and elastane and have a soft, comfortable feel against the skin. This makes them great for long flights, walking around town, and even rock climbing.

Despite their low price, Uniqlo’s EZY Jeans are one of the best-value denim pants on the market. The high-rise, straight-leg styles are made of Kaihara stretch denim, which recovers its shape. They also have an adjustable waist and soft pile fabric.

The skinny jeans tested by Chubstr’s founding editor, Bruce Sturgell, feel incredibly soft and comfortable and provide a slim fit. Their lower rise and slim leg fit work well with his shape, so they don’t have to be tight or too long. Moreover, they stay in better than any other jeans we’ve tested.