Things to Remember About Apple Maps


Apple Maps is the default map system on the iOS, macOS, and watchOS operating systems. The application provides driving, walking, cycling, and public transit directions. It also provides estimated travel time. If you are a newcomer to Apple Maps, here are some things to remember. Use this app to get directions from start to finish on your journey!

Look Around feature

Apple maps’ Look Around feature is a new feature that lets you look around areas. Last year, it first came to the US as part of iOS 13, but it’s only available in eight major cities, including Boston, San Francisco, and New York. However, the company recently brought updated maps to Japan and Ireland. Now, it has also been announced that Look Around will be available in the rest of the world starting in the fall.

Apple Maps Look Around feature is similar to Google Street View, but it doesn’t allow users to see buildings from the inside. It only works in cities where cars are allowed. It also only supports streets where a vehicle can enter. It’s also limited to certain cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii. The company is working on expanding Look Around to more areas, but there’s no timeline for when this feature will become available for all users.

Apple Maps’ Look Around feature works similarly to Google Street View but is designed to be much easier. Instead of showing you the whole street, it displays street names and landmarks in a different, more personalized view. The app also offers 3D depth and smooth transition animations.

Add a stop to your current directions.

Apple Maps lets you add a stop to your current directions. You will see a screen with six buttons when you select this option. These buttons allow you to add a new finish and other information about it. For example, you can choose to add a stop on the way to the airport or a restaurant. You can also set the start date and time.

You can also add several stops while using Apple Maps. The feature is available on iOS 16 or later. If you have an older app version, you must first update to iOS 16 to get this feature. Once you have updated your iOS, you can insert multiple stops.

To add a stop on Apple Maps, first, make sure you are using the driving mode. Otherwise, you will not be able to add several visits at once. You can also use the Now drop-down box to schedule your trip and select the “Avoid” option to avoid highways and tolls. Once you have chosen a destination, you can like “Add a stop” by entering a business name or a street address. After that, you’ll be taken to the new destination automatically.

Another great feature is the ability to add pit stops on your route. You can choose between a coffee shop, restaurant, or gas station, and Siri will highlight those locations. You can also call the site for relevant information, like wait times. After selecting a pit stop, you can tap the green “GO” button to add it.

Add your home address to your favorites.

In Apple Maps, you can add multiple addresses to your favorite list. This can be your home address or your office address. Once you have added both addresses to your favorites list, you can choose which one to display on the map. You can even add your home address to your Contact Card.

You can add any location to the Favorites list on Apple Maps. The Favorites list is located underneath the search bar and is intended to give you quick access to the areas that you use frequently. By default, the Home and Work addresses are listed first. To add other locations, tap on the Add button. This will open a search interface, asking you to enter a home or office address.

Once you’ve added your home address to your favorites, you’ll need to choose which address you want to display on the map. This step is easy to do with Apple Maps. You can also add other locations to your favorite list by renaming them. You can also click “Done” to remove a place from your favorites list.

Once you’ve added a location to your favorites list, you’ll be able to find it whenever you need it quickly. This will help you save time by not having to type in the full address every time you need to visit that location. You can quickly navigate the site using this feature by simply tapping it.