The Bombardier Global Express


Whether you’re looking for an aircraft that can fly long distances or you just want to be able to carry more passengers, the Bombardier Global Express is a great option. It has a range of 6,000 mi/11,100 km. It has a large cabin and it is designed by Bombardier Aviation.

Aircraft endurance approximations

Using an aircraft endurance approximation to calculate the average operating cost of a Global 6000 business jet is a bit like using the tumbling ball to estimate the time it will take to reach New York from Los Angeles. While this estimation will vary slightly depending on the actual specifications of individual aircraft, it is a good benchmark for an idea of the average operational cost of flying a Global 6000.

To determine the most efficient use of fuel in a plane, one must consider the corresponding equation for power and weight. This equation is used to calculate the maximum range of an aircraft and is calculated by multiplying the equation by the square root of the weight.

The maximum range of an aircraft is determined by the density of the atmosphere, the distance the plane will travel and the amount of fuel it can carry. The average operating cost of a Global 6000 is expected to be about $5150 per hour. The global aviation industry continues to push the envelope of aircraft technology and efficiency.

Cabin volume

Having the largest cabin volume of any purpose-built business jet, the Bombardier Global 6000 delivers comfort for long flights. It is also the quietest in its class. The design includes a three-compartment configuration and a spacious galley to provide an unbeatable level of privacy.

The cabin also offers the best in-flight internet connectivity through the use of Ka-band technology. This technology is the most advanced in the air and provides the fastest and most reliable internet connections. It allows for connection to all your devices in the cabin, allowing you to stay connected anywhere in the world.

The Global 6000’s interior is equipped with a large, fully-equipped galley and work surfaces to ensure a satisfying meal for passengers on long flights. It also offers plenty of space for storage.

Floor space

Among the most sought-after aircraft for high-end private travel, the Bombardier Global 6000 offers spacious floor space, high performance, and a luxurious cabin. With the ability to fly more than 6,900 nautical miles, this jet is ideal for VIPs.

The spacious cabin features a comfortable layout with three separate areas. The central section is often configured as a four-seat conference grouping. The aft stateroom includes a full-berth divan. There is also a full galley. The cockpit is equipped with a pilot-pilot datalink communication system. The flight deck is modeled after the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite. The synthetic vision system supports situational awareness.

The Global 6000 is known for its sleek and modern interior. The interior design team will discuss aesthetic preferences with the client before designing a cabin that fits their needs.

Cargo space

Developed by Bombardier Aerospace, the Global 6000 is a luxury cargo space aircraft. It is a next-generation long-range jet that has been time-tested and recognized by countless travelers. It features an impressive interior with improved engines and cabin space. Besides, it offers passengers a smooth ride.

The cabin of Global 6000 has a spacious three-zone cabin. It is also equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion-based Vision flight deck. This system enables enhanced situational awareness and provides four high-resolution 15-inch diagonal active matrix liquid crystal displays. It works in conjunction with the Synthetic Vision System. This allows it to provide passengers with wireless music streaming capabilities and in-flight internet access.

In the cockpit, there is an integrated cursor control panel. The pilot-pilot datalink communication and MultiScan weather radar are integrated. The Global 6000 also features a synthetic-enhanced vision system.


Whether you are looking for a long-range private jet or a business jet, the Bombardier Global 6000 is a fantastic choice. This aircraft is designed for intercontinental direct flights. It is perfect for those who need to fly from New York to Tokyo or from Paris to Singapore.

The Bombardier Global 6000 offers an unmatched level of comfort and reliability. This private jet is designed for long-distance travel and can take 17 passengers and two crew members.

This ultra-long-range jet can fly at up to 51,000 feet, cruising at a maximum speed of 580 mph. Its cabin is equipped with Ka-band technology, allowing you to view videos and communicate with family and friends. This model is also fully programmed with MSP, RRCC, and SPP.

The cabin is spacious and has been designed to meet all of your needs. There are two lavatory rooms and two passenger zones. There is also a crew resting area for long-distance flights.