Teladoc Health Reviews


If you are looking for healthcare reviews, you should consider Teladoc Health. This healthcare provider is known for its excellent service and quality of care. In this article, you will find out about the service, customer service, and cost. You will also find out about their recommendations. Knowing that these reviews are not based on the company’s advertising campaign is essential.

Customer service

The company is an international telehealth and virtual healthcare company that offers licensable platforms and medical opinions. Its offerings include telehealth, medical opinions, AI and analytics, and devices. Teladoc Health also offers licensable platform services. In addition, the company has an excellent customer support department that works around the clock to ensure customers are satisfied with its products and services.

Customer service is the foundation of the company, and it’s not limited to phone calls and email correspondence. The client services department’s focus is to help its clients manage and resolve healthcare issues and questions. This team works with a diverse group of internal and external providers to address clients’ needs and ensure they’re satisfied with their service.

Customers can communicate with board-certified physicians via video or telephone 24 hours a day. They can even request on-demand visits within 60 minutes. In addition, patients can schedule appointments in advance. However, it is recommended that members first contact their PCP to schedule an appointment. The service also offers a live interpreter service in over 240 languages and licensed nurses who listen to patients’ concerns. Customers can also call the Teladoc helpline for assistance if they have difficulty communicating with their PCP or need urgent care.


The costs of Teladoc health reviews vary widely, and they depend on the plan you choose. Some plans cost zero, while others may cost up to $119 per visit. When signing up, you must provide your health insurance details, as these vary by plan. The service accepts most major health insurance.

Many people have been pleased with Teladoc. Nearly one-quarter of users said the level of care is higher than their previous provider. Moreover, ninety-seven percent of Teladoc users were satisfied with the company’s therapists. And ninety-two percent of them were happy with the psychiatry and medication services offered by Teladoc.

Teladoc connects patients with licensed professionals in their area through virtual doctor visits. These visits are convenient for patients and cost less than a traditional doctor’s visit. However, some customers have complained about unprofessionalism or unreliability. The company is based in Purchase, New York, and has branches across North America. It offers services in several areas, including dermatology, mental health, and primary care.

Quality of care

Teladoc is a virtual health service where physicians and healthcare professionals meet with patients over video chat or phone. It was founded in 2002 in Texas by G. Byron Brooks and Michael Gorton. Their original goal was to provide remote access to state-licensed physicians and practitioners. The company now offers many different services, including virtual medical appointments.

Teladoc is an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable, quality healthcare. Its services include regular primary care, mental health, and wellness care. You can connect with healthcare professionals via video, phone, or the app. However, you’ll need an internet connection and a smartphone to use Teladoc. If you don’t have access to these technologies, you may want to visit a doctor in person instead.

The study also looked at the distance to urgent care centers. It found that Teladoc users were more than a minute further from the emergency department (ED) than non-users. However, this relationship did not reach statistical significance.


If you are looking for affordable and accessible mental health care, then Teladoc may be the right option for you. The service allows you to connect with a licensed healthcare professional via video, phone, or app. However, you will need a reliable internet connection and a smartphone to use the service. If you do not have a reliable Internet connection, you may want to consider visiting a physician in person instead.

The good news is that Teladoc is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. However, despite its high ratings, there are still some complaints. For example, many customers complain about not receiving a comprehensive diagnosis or being unable to receive a prescription for a new condition. Overall, Teladoc is best for simple diagnoses and prescription refills. If you’re unsure whether Teladoc is suitable, read the following reviews for more information.

Users of Teladoc Health have a favorable opinion of the company, services, and therapists. Ninety-seven percent of users rate the company as overall positive, while 93 percent of users say that the service’s therapists are qualified and have positive connections with their clients. Furthermore, 63% of users think the company offers better services than other services, while 92% are satisfied with the quality of psychiatric and medication services.