SKLZ Stock Review


SKLZ stock is a company with an online mobile multiplayer video game competition platform. It is integrated into many iOS and Android games, and its players compete against other players worldwide.

Forecast annual revenue growth rate

Earlier this year, analysts had cut SKLZ’s revenue estimates. Now, the company has increased its full-year sales guidance. This isn’t surprising, considering that the company’s last two quarters were record quarters.

Despite its strong growth, the company continues to incur losses. Its net loss in the first quarter was $53.6 million. This number is expected to increase as the company spends heavily on user acquisition. The company’s UA spending is expected to ramp up in the fourth quarter and into the next fiscal year. As a result, it may be necessary to continue putting money into the UA channel to continue growing the company.

SKLZ’s forecast annual revenue growth rate is 2.36%, which isn’t nearly as strong as the average US Electronic Gaming & Multimedia industry revenue growth rate of 13.9%. It’s also not going to match the growth of the US market overall, which is predicted to increase by 6.67%. Nevertheless, this means that SKLZ stock may be worth looking into.

SKLZ’s forecast EPS

SKLZ’s forecast EPS may be disappointing, but it’s still one of the best stocks to own in the esports space. This is because it’s a low-cost and high-volume platform that hosts casual esports tournaments. In addition, it has a strong track record in the mobile games space, having earned several industry awards along the way. As a result, its lowest EPS estimate is -$0.82 for the fiscal year ending Dec 2022.

Moreover, it has a strong streak of positive quarterly cash flow and a hefty balance sheet. Despite these positives, it’s not clear what the future holds. It’s not surprising that a company specializing in gaming, sports, and mobile video games has a lot of competition in its domain. The top dogs include Sony PlayStation and Nintendo. Nintendo holds the record for launching the first mobile video game, while PlayStation has been the leader in this segment for over a decade. A solid dose of competition is not bad, as it will undoubtedly help SKLZ trump the competition in the long run.

SKLZ stock ratings

SKLZ stock ratings might not be as exciting as the latest iPhone, but they are more than capable of keeping up with the latest innovations in the business world. The company is located in San Francisco, California, and has been in business since 2012. The company’s name changed from Lookout Gaming LLC to SKLZ in 2012. The company has a market capitalization of $180 million as of February 2018. It also has a robust balance sheet. Despite this, it hasn’t secured any high-profile partnerships. SKLZ is in the business of making mobile games for smartphones, tablets, and various other devices. Nevertheless, the company has been able to turn out decent numbers, and it will likely continue to do so for years to come.

The company has a P/E of -1, which is below the average for the industry. The company has also managed to maintain a solid balance sheet while meeting short-term obligations. This is something that the rest of the sector cannot claim. It is one of the few industry companies with a top rating. Its most recent rating was issued on November 3, 2022.

SKLZ stock execution

SKLZ stock has a market cap of $3.9 billion. In terms of revenue, it expects to bring in $389 million this year. The company is in the esports market, where gamers compete against each other in video games. The esports industry is growing, and many consumers have turned to games. However, there has been a recent outbreak of coronavirus which has caused some to avoid live sporting events. This has boosted the esports space, which has caused investors to become bullish on SKLZ stock.

As of today, SKLZ stock has a VWAP of 0.88. This price combines the cost of all dark pool trades and marketable orders, such as the Intermarket Sweep Order (ISO). Large block trades in stock typically represent institutional trading, but these orders can be marketable and aggressive. Moreover, these orders often seek immediate execution. Combined, these orders are for 83,980 shares worth $0.88 per share.

Overall, the volume for SKLZ stock has been at a shallow level over the last 20 days. As of this writing, the dark pool accounts for 56% of the total volume.