NFL Mock Draft – The Top 7 Prospects in This Week’s NFL Draft


The NFL draft is finally here, and it is time to see what teams will take what players. There are a variety of mock drafts that will give you an idea of which team will make the most selections, which player will be drafted, and which position will be the hottest in the coming year.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Dallas Cowboys

With the NFL draft drawing close to completion, several media members weigh in on what the top players will be and which teams will make the biggest splashes. This week, the NFL Nation reporters have compiled a list of seven prospects.

The Baltimore Ravens are still in search of an interior stud. They could take Kenny Pickett, who has shown great athleticism and efficiency. He would fit behind a sturdy line.

While Dallas is looking to replace Connor Williams in free agency, Wyatt Green is the ideal replacement. His versatility and explosiveness make him a natural fit for the Cowboys’ scheme.

There are also intriguing developmental athletes in this class. Daxton Hill is one of the more versatile secondary prospects in the draft. Besides being a strong runner, he can be an active upfield player.

The lions need to fortify the defensive line.

If the Detroit Lions want to rebuild the defense, they must fortify the line. So it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the team’s rich draft capital and get an elite player in one position.

Those looking for a top-notch defensive lineman in this year’s draft should consider Clemson’s Bryan Bresee. He’s a match for what the Steelers need on the defensive front.

In the same vein, the Lions need a player who can be a factor on both the edge and pass coverage. The Lions could go for a guy who can provide plug-and-play ability, like Henry Too Too, or a guy who has the ball skills to play various positions, like Montez Sweat.

Another player with the ball skills to fill multiple roles is Garrett Wilson. A versatile Wide-Back, Wilson can provide impact in various ways.

Eagles invest in Joey Porter Jr.

The Eagles traded for a top-10 pick this April. That move will likely set them up to acquire the services of Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr.’s services in a long-term contract, Porter could be a solid, if not flashy, starter.

As a redshirt junior, Porter brings a robust athletic profile. He has impressive fluidity, body control, and a complete skill set.

His speed, length, and torso flexibility make him a dynamic playmaker. He can stack up quickly when breaking on passes and effectively square up receivers at stems in zone coverage.

Porter also has an elite corrective twitch when in fast-moving situations. His ability to quickly turn on a dime, and hit the second gear downfield, is impressive. But his footwork is not always perfect, and he sometimes plays too high in his stance.

The colts could draft a passer.

One of the biggest questions around the NFL is whether the Indianapolis Colts should draft a passer in the upcoming draft. The team could trade up to get their desired quarterback or try to find a promising signal-caller with untapped potential.

The team needs speed and stability at the position. Its QB carousel has been a rocky one since Andrew Luck retired. The Colts have had a different starter in Week 1 for the past seven seasons.

Regardless of how the draft unfolds, the Colts will need a quarterback. That’s why owner Jim Irsay has begun to look for a franchise player. He’s also expected to make a move to acquire another pass rusher.

A few quarterbacks, like Nick Foles, are still available on the market. Foles was an NFL passer rating leader in 2013. However, while he’s started for five teams in 11 years, he has been cut from his last group, the Eagles.

Seattle Seahawks can go in whichever direction they want

The Seattle Seahawks have a chance to do something unprecedented in two decades. They can pick the best offensive tackle prospect in this year’s draft. But it may not be as easy as that.

After trading for Russell Wilson, the Seahawks have a chance to fill an immediate need on their defensive front. Adding a high-upside EDGE like Nolan Smith could boost their defense and add a game-wrecker to their linebacker corps.

Nolan Smith is a physical player who can be productive against the run and the pass. In addition, his athleticism and football intelligence make him an excellent fit for Seattle’s system.

Another intriguing edge prospect is Henry Too Too. The 6’3″, 190-pounder has the agility and leadership to majorly impact the NFL.