Maverick FX Scam – How to Avoid the Maverick FX Scam


If you are considering making a trading account with Maverick Trading, it is essential to understand the risks. This program can be very profitable but can also lead to financial disaster. There are several warning signs to watch out for, such as an account closure by scammers when they see that you can no longer invest. In addition, many of these firms claim to be regulated by fake jurisdictions and licenses. You will not be the first person to lose money with Maverick Trading, so do not panic. Instead, look at it as a learning experience.

Membership fee

If you want to join a forex trading club without paying a membership fee, you should be very careful. There are several signs that your money is going to be wasted. There are two significant scams on the market, so check them out before you sign up with them. One scam involves recruiting new members without education or prior trading experience. The other involves a shady marketing technique.

A typical scam requires you to pay an upfront membership fee; in some cases, you will be required to deposit a minimum of $2000 to get started. Then, after you’ve made the initial payment, you’ll be required to pay a Performance Bond of up to $5,500. This is essentially lending the company your money for a while, and in return, they will get up to 30% of your profits. It’s as simple as that, but most people aren’t willing to abandon their trades halfway through.

In addition to the membership fee, Maverick Trading requires a minimum deposit of $5,000. The company explains this to encourage traders to join their platform. After all, they don’t want to waste their time with people who don’t have the same goals as them. Plus, they only work with people who are serious about Trading and can manage their capital. You won’t get a passive income or rely on others to copy your trades.

Training section

Maverick FX claims to give top-notch training and show you how to master the latest technology. Unfortunately, it was advertised on various classified websites, and many fell for the scam. Fortunately, the scam is easy to spot, and there are several things you can do to avoid falling victim to it.

First, don’t fall for the ‘upsells.’ Maverick Trading will convince you to pay exorbitant fees and place conditions on your accounts and trades. In addition, the company won’t let you withdraw your profits, and it has no regulatory certification from any government body. They also only let you trade with company funds.

Secondly, if you think you’re a novice trader, you should consider a legitimate broker. While some scams can look legitimate and have good reviews, Maverick FX is not one of them. It takes time to learn how to trade and make money, so it’s essential to be selective. There are several scam companies out there, and the best way to avoid them is to find a reputable brokerage.


Many people have become victims of the Maverick FX scam. They were promised top-notch training and a chance to learn the ins and outs of forex trading. Instead, the company advertised on classified websites, and many fell for the scam. The company was not a legitimate employer but a shady outfit that made a fortune by fooling people.

The website of Maverick Fx Trading entices people to sign up for the program by charging a hefty fee upfront, usually $1500, plus an additional $199 a month to become a member. The program claims to be able to teach anyone to become a professional trader. But, unfortunately, they only want your money to get you to the next step.

Maverick FX is a modern-day work-at-home scam. This company targets people worldwide and is run by highly skilled salesmen. Unfortunately, their products and services offer no tangible benefits. The company is a ‘prop firm’ that pretends to provide training, account funding, and capital to new Forex traders. Moreover, the company doesn’t have a regulatory certificate with any government organization, and their customers can’t withdraw their profits.