Jamboard Tutorial


Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard that allows you to write on the screen and save work to the cloud. It can be used as a formative assessment tool in a classroom setting, as it is designed to allow you to create and edit content. Moreover, it allows teachers to be creative and save work to the cloud.

Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard

The Jamboard collaborative digital whiteboard is an educational tool that is perfect for students in the classroom. The tool allows students to work together in small groups to brainstorm ideas. The teacher can check up on the group progress and see what students are working on. Students can create a visual review of a situation by adding sticky notes, images, and drawings.

Jamboard’s low-latency technology enables up to 16 touch points to collaborate simultaneously. It also has several intuitive and intelligent features, including handwriting, shape, and AutoDraw, which recognizes sketches and matches them with relevant images. It is also easy to join and collaborate with other Jamboards, even from a mobile device.

Jamboard can be customized to accommodate different needs. Teachers can create frames for individual students, use their names to track student work, and share real-time feedback. Moreover, they can also collect student feedback by creating polls or questionnaires. Students can also give feedback using sticky notes.

It is a formative assessment tool

Jamboard is a formative assessment tool that allows students to demonstrate their learning in an interactive way. Students can write and draw on the interactive board to make their answers more concrete. The tool also allows teachers to ask their students about their understanding and provide feedback. Teachers can create step-by-step guides and tutorials to guide students through the process of learning. Jamboard also allows students to visualize what they’ve learned by adding sticky notes and images.

Jamboard works with Google Slides. You can add the slide to your Google Drive and then use the link to submit the formative assessment. This tool is free to use and can be accessed from any device through a browser. Some schools may block the tool, so you’ll need to get it unblocked from your school’s tech department.

The formative assessment tool also works well with Google Forms. It embeds nicely into D2L Sites and Brightspace. Game apps are also a good option for formative assessment. While these apps can be time-consuming to design, many come with spreadsheet templates for teachers. Teachers can collaborate with students to create questions, upload them, and track their progress.

It allows teachers to be creative

If you are looking for a great way to promote creativity in your classroom, consider using Jamboard. Teachers can create a variety of templates that help students brainstorm and work collaboratively. The templates can be customized with sticky notes for students to add justification. In addition, the app makes it easy for students to post their comments about the lesson and share their opinions with others.

For example, a Jamboard template can be used for plot pyramids and timelines. Math teachers can use the tool for practicing mathematical operations. Using visual notes is good for the brain because it blends words and images. Using Jamboard makes it possible for educators to be creative and let their students express themselves through art.

Teachers should make sure that their students know how to use Jamboard before they allow students to edit it. They should give students a tutorial on using it, and inform them about some guidelines that they need to follow when using it. In addition, they should make sure that they turn off the edit mode once the lesson is over.

It saves work to the cloud

With Jamboard, you can easily collaborate on projects with multiple people, anywhere in the world. Its cloud-based platform updates in real time across all your connected devices. You can even import images from your Drive account. Jamboard is also available on mobile devices, including tablets. You can work from any location, and you can even edit and revise your work right away.

Jamboard has many useful features that enable team collaboration, including the ability to save work to the cloud. You can upload files from Google Drive to Jamboard and annotate them using the included toolbar. The software also provides tools to aid productivity, such as coloured post-it notes and stencils. This collaboration feature helps you get more done in less time.

Jamboard will be available sometime in 2017. It will be sold through BenQ channels and resellers. It will cost around $6000. It’s also Google’s first enterprise hardware in a long time. It will compete with Microsoft’s Surface Hub, which costs more.