How to Remove Scratch From Spectacles


You can use household ingredients to remove scratches from spectacles. For instance, you can use Brass polish or baking soda. It is a cheap and simple way to clean spectacles. This method is safe, non-toxic, and will not damage your eyewear. Baking soda and alcohol are also excellent ways to remove scratches.

Baking soda

Using baking soda to remove scratches from spectacles is an easy home remedy that can be very effective. The mixture of baking soda and water forms a thick paste and can be applied to scratches using a microfiber cloth. Rub the paste into the scratches using a circular motion for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat the process if necessary.

While this home remedy can remove minor scratches, it can also erode lens coatings, causing the scratches to become more profound. Therefore, it is not recommended for deep scratches. The best way to remove scratches from spectacles is to clean the spectacles as soon as possible. First, moisten a soft cloth with a baking soda-water mixture. Next, you should apply the paste to scratched lenses and rub them with a circular motion for about 10 seconds. Once the surface is cleaned, rinse the lenses with clean water.

Brass polish

You can easily remove scratches on spectacles using a brass polish. However, it is essential to use a polish without acetone to prevent further damage. Another option is to apply car wax to the spectacle lenses. You must make sure to wash them well after using this method. There are also scratch repair kits available from eye doctors, which are meant to fill in scratches on spectacle lenses temporarily. However, you may have to repeat this treatment several times.

You can also use car wax to remove scratches from spectacles. This product is low-abrasive, and it can fill in scratches. You can then wipe the glasses clean afterward using a microfiber cloth. However, this method only works for superficial scratches.

Baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is an excellent all-purpose cleaner for spectacles. You can mix it with warm water to create a thick paste applied to the scratched lenses. Gently rub the solution onto the lens using a clean cloth or cotton ball. Then, rinse the lenses thoroughly with water. This will remove any remaining scratch residue.

You can also use lukewarm water to rinse the scratches from your spectacles. It is best to use lukewarm water as hot water may damage the lens coating and warp it.

Baby wash care

Baby wash or baby shampoo is an excellent option for cleaning scratches on spectacles. This non-abrasive solution can be applied to the lenses and then rinsed off with lukewarm water. After this, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining scratches gently.

Alternatively, you can mix a baking soda solution with water and apply it to the affected area. This will make a paste and will clean the spectacles. After the paste dries, wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth.

Specscart’s cleaning kit

A good cleaning kit is essential to maintain the clarity and luster of your spectacles. A Specscart cleaning kit contains a microfiber cloth and antibacterial liquid that gently removes dirt and grime without harming your spectacles’ surface. It also has an ultra-soft microfiber cloth that shines through your lenses.

The cleaning kit is available at affordable prices and is very easy to use. It can be used on all spectacles, lenses, and frames. It effectively removes scratches and improves visual clarity without compromising the quality of lenses. You can buy the cleaning kit from your local Bury or Walkden eye test.

Car wax

Car wax is a fantastic product for removing scratches from spectacles. You can apply a small amount to the scratch with a microfiber cloth and rub it away gently in circular motions. You may need to repeat this process several times to remove the scratch altogether. However, this is the last resort and should be used with caution. You don’t want to use too much wax because it may damage your glasses.

If you don’t want to buy a particular product for your spectacles, you can try using rubbing alcohol to remove scratches. Then, rinse your spectacles with clean water.