Home Decor Gifts For the Holidays


When shopping for home decor gifts, you’ll want to buy items that can make a home more stylish and welcoming. Gifts like candles and a floating shelf can be both practical and decorative. Our This Old House Reviews team members have scoured Amazon for the best home decor gifts to give this holiday season.

Practical home decor gifts

Practical home decor gifts can be found in every price range. For example, a table lamp can be a great home decoration gift. These lamps come in several colors and styles and are a great way to provide soft ambient lighting. They can also be hung or placed on a table. The recipient can choose the perfect hue to match their decor.

You can also purchase home decor in digital format, which saves money and allows for unlimited customization. A digitally printed wall art is a great gift, as it can be customized to suit any interior design.

Decorative items

Home decor gifts can be an excellent way to personalize a home. There are countless ways to add your personality to a room, and there are many different types of home decor items. Before shopping for the perfect home decor item, consider the recipient’s style and needs. Then, select an item that is easy to style and fits the recipient’s home.

Decorative items and coffee table books are two popular home decor gifts. Decorative throw blankets can be a practical gift to give to your loved one, but they can also be used as decor. When choosing the perfect gift, consider the recipient’s taste and the size of the piece. It’s also important to consider how functional the item is. A functional home decor item, like bookends, can add style and function to a room.


Candles are perfect for adding a cozy, calming vibe to any home. They are also a great holiday gift idea because they come in various scents. If you don’t want to burn a candle, scented diffusers and sprays will add a fresh fragrance to your home without a flame.

Candles and candle holders come in various styles, colors, and shapes. These are versatile home decor gifts that can be swapped out depending on the season. They can also be paired with wine glasses to create festive centerpieces.

Floating shelves

There are several types of floating shelves you can choose from. You can purchase a set of shelves for the whole wall or individual shelves. A floating shelf set is an excellent way to display personal items, such as books or decorative pieces. Floating shelves can come in various sizes, including small and large versions, and can be easily assembled. No experience is necessary to install these shelves.

Floating shelves are an excellent choice for contemporary and minimalist interiors. They are also great for displaying favorite accessories, prized collections, plants, or artwork. Some floating shelves are made of solid oak and have a matte finish. They can be hung in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. They can also serve as bedside tables, which can be helpful in a small bedroom.


A unique gift idea for the home is a chalkboard. A chalkboard is an excellent home decor piece and great for restaurants and home kitchens. They come with a high-quality blackboard surface that can be personalized with the recipient’s name. This home decor gift is also a great gift to give to a teacher or a friend.


Mirrors are a beautiful way to add a touch of elegance to a home. They are versatile home decor pieces that go with any color scheme. For example, a golden mirror can go with Nordic or Bohemian style or a Renovated Classic theme. You can even find decorative mirrors with built-in storage space.

Decorative mirrors can be small or large, creating a mosaic of reflection. For example, small decorative mirrors can frame a small window, while larger ones can be used to frame a large window. Large decorative mirrors can also be faceted, framed, or frosted.