FX Scalper X EA Review


This FX scalper X EA review will look at the robot’s trading strategy, key features, and results. We’ll also look at how it can be customized. Finally, we’ll find out if this robot is worth the money.

X Scalper is a currency trading indicator.

The X Scalper is a currency trading strategy combining technical indicators and trade currency pairs. The strategy is based on the Bollinger band indicator, both a volatility and trend indicator. When the bands move together, they indicate a breakout. Breakouts generally occur when the bands squeeze together, indicating a sideways market with a strong breakout.

Scalping indicators are helpful when executing trades but also challenging to master. However, with enough time, experience, and a good trading platform, a trader can gain the skills necessary to succeed.

X Scalper is a 100% automated Forex EA.

This 100% automated Forex EA is a potent tool for traders. It allows them to trade multiple currency pairs in a five-minute timeframe and has a win rate of 80%. It works with any minimum deposit size and has a wide range of risk and lot size settings. It also has a backtest of genuine, verified trading accounts and historical performance. While historical performance cannot be considered a guarantee of future results, it can give traders an insight into the algorithm and trading strategy of the EA. It can also give traders an idea of win-loss ratios and drawdowns, which are all vital statistics to consider.

The FX Scalper X vendor claims that this 100% automated Forex EA is easy to install. Users can start trading with as little as $100 and increase their balances to $500. The vendor also claims that there is no need to have the prior trading experience to use the software. The vendor offers a download link within 24 hours and provides a user manual. However, the vendor does not offer a backtest report. Moreover, the vendor claims to have a 300% yearly income for its customers.

X Scalper is customizable.

There are several benefits to X Scalper. First, it’s customizable. You can choose to add indicators to your chart to help it make profitable trades. This feature can help you decide when to buy and sell and tell you when not to buy or sell. The X Scalper isn’t going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it will help you improve your trading skills and increase your profits.

The X Scalper strategy relies on trend-following indicators. It starts by using the MESA Adaptive Moving Average, which gives you a better sense of the market’s volatility and trend. The Hilbert Transform Discriminator is also a powerful indicator, measuring the rate of phase change. The indicator will also show a composite trend line based on the slow and fast-moving averages.