Free Puzzles Online


If you love puzzles but don’t want to download them to your computer, you can find plenty of free puzzles online. One of the most popular destinations is Jigsaw Planet. It offers thousands of free puzzles that you can play in a browser window or full-screen mode. If you want, you can also register for a free membership to the site and rate the puzzles you play.

Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Just Jigsaw Puzzles is a free iPad game that lets you assemble jigsaw puzzles. You can customize how many pieces to cut from a picture and share them with your friends. The game is easy to play and has beautiful graphics. It also allows you to store your puzzle collection in the cloud so that you can play it on any device.

The website offers over 1800 jigsaw puzzles and is completely ad-free. It also features daily puzzles and an archive of past puzzles. Just Jigsaw Puzzles is also listed in the DMOZ Open Directory Project’s category, Browser-Based Jigsaw Puzzles. The goal of DMOZ is to create the most comprehensive directory of websites on the web, and many major search engines use DMOZ as input.

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet is an online puzzle game where users can compete with others to solve puzzles. The site has a modern interface and you can upload your photos to create custom puzzles. It also offers a variety of difficulty settings. For example, you can choose a ghost image to act as a guide or make the puzzle more difficult by removing some of the pieces. The site also offers social media sharing options for users to share their puzzles.

There are a variety of free puzzles available. Some of them have as many as 400 pieces. There are also puzzles categorized by themes and difficulty level. If you’re looking to save your puzzles and create new ones, you can also sign up for the membership program. This will also give you an ad-free experience.

Jigsaw 365

Jigsaw 365 has been around for many years and has a huge collection of puzzles. You can download old puzzles or download new ones daily with the “New Image Every Day” mode. The game also has a lot of features such as importing your photos or images and breaking up puzzles into different designs or sizes. It is a cross-platform game that is available for iOS, Android, Facebook, and Microsoft. There are even a few free puzzles available.

The interface of Jigsaw 365 is very clean and neat, and the number of puzzles is staggering. This puzzle platform allows users to customize the difficulty level of each puzzle and compete with other players. Moreover, there is a leaderboard to keep track of the best players. You can also choose the number of pieces, the image size, and the style of each puzzle.

Jigsaw Explorer

The Jigsaw Explorer app allows users to play jigsaw puzzles in a multiplayer setting over the internet. To play in multiplayer mode, users will need to select a nickname so that they can identify each other. Once they do this, the game will switch to multiplayer mode. Then they can work on assembling puzzles.

This app features a variety of puzzles to play with, which are designed for people of all ages. It also offers a multiplayer mode, which allows users to compare their time against others online. Currently, there are nearly 10,000 puzzles available.