Free iPhone Theme For Android


If you want a look similar to an iPhone, you can download a free iPhone theme for your Android device. Many options are available in the market, and it’s very easy to customize your phone with a theme. You can choose from various colors, fonts, layouts, and widgets. If you want to add more personalization, try Themes, Widget, or Icons Packs 15.

Free iphone theme for Android

If you are in the market for a new theme for your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. The android market offers various themes, including HD wallpapers, awesome icons, and tons of colorful skins. Many of these themes also have DIY functions. This means you can customize your phone to look like an iPhone or change the default theme to your preference.

Various apps are available to make your Android phone look like the iPhone. Many of them require the Go Launcher Ex app and will change the app drawer icons and the built-in apps. If you’re looking for a more customized phone, you can also download an iPhone theme for Android, such as ADWTheme, designed to mimic the look of the fourth-generation iPhone.

Another popular option is the Go Contacts iPhone Theme, which includes a variety of iPhone themes and the Go Contacts application. This free app is available in the Android Market, and you can download it for your handset. Once you’ve installed the app, go to the theme tab and click on the “Apply” button. This will instantly give your Android handset an iPhone-like look.

Themify’s themes offer custom iPhone themes in modern and pastel shades. They also include paintings and icons. In addition, many of these themes include icon packs for the entire Home Screen. They also offer beautiful live wallpapers and stills, and some Ultra HD options. These themes are also compatible with any Android device, making them ideal for anyone using an iPhone.

The Aesthetic Kit app also offers iPhone themes. You can vote for your favorite ones or create your own and share them with the world. The app also features aesthetic keyboard styles, which add a special touch to the look of your phone. You can even use kaomoji and unique fonts for your iPhone to make it unique and appealing.

Go Contacts

If you’re looking for a great way to customize your Android phone’s look and feel, you can try the Go Contacts iPhone theme for Android. The theme allows you to use iPhone themes and icons with your contacts. There’s also an option to download and install the Go Contacts Ex application for your phone, which gives you an iPhone-like interface.

The GO Dev Team makes the GO Contacts iPhone theme pack. It’s a free app that allows you to customize your contact list with beautiful and simple themes. It’s available in both Google Play and the App Store. It’s also compatible with the latest version of GO Contacts EX.

To use the Go Contacts iPhone theme for Android, download the app from Google Play. You’ll need to have Go Keyboard installed to use this theme. Open the app and go to the settings. Scroll down to the “themes” tab. Choose the Go Contacts iPhone theme from the list.

Another way to customize the Go Contacts iPhone theme for Android is to add widgets. You can add widgets for your favorite contacts. You can add as many widgets as you want. Once you’ve added your widget, you can connect it to your favorite contact. This allows you to add as many direct contact widgets as you want to customize your phone’s interface.

Importing contacts from Android to iOS is easy. First, create a VCF file and send it to your iPhone via email. Next, follow the prompts on your iPhone to import your contacts. Then, your new phone will prompt you to add your contacts. You can even import SIM contacts to your iPhone.

iPhone 3.0 Go Launcher Theme

Whether you’re looking for a new launcher or want to keep the one you’ve been using, there’s a Go Launcher Theme for Android that fits your needs. These free themes offer many of the same features as the iOS version but with a cleaner, more modern look. In addition, these themes have a variety of options available for customization, including additional widgets and dock options.

The iPhone-inspired launcher emulates the look and feel of the iPhone 13 and features an app drawer with rounded icons. It features weather information, a calendar, favorite contacts, and a control center that houses notifications. It also features rounded screen corners to match the iPhone.

The iOS GO Launcher Theme is a paid app in the Home & Hobby category. This app was created by AVillardoArts and is available on the Google Play store. The latest version is 1.8 and has a 3.3 average rating. It also features a variety of colorful wallpapers, which make your phone’s screen look fresh.

Another popular Go Launcher Theme is Glass. It features cool-looking icons and a clock widget. It also supports many of the most popular apps. There are more than 30 GO Launcher themes for Android. Once you’ve downloaded one, you’ll be able to change the look and feel of your phone easily.

The Go Launcher Theme for Android is free and is available in the Google Play store. You can apply these themes to your phone’s home screen and even design your own. There’s one downside to this theme, though – it contains ads. Unfortunately, these ads make the app ad-supported, so you need to be aware of this before downloading the app.

The GO Launcher EX Launcher is one of the top-rated apps on Google Play and is already 200 million users strong. Its features include an application manager, application center, store themes, transitions, and witchcraft per slide.

iPhone VO Theme Lite

If you’re on Android and want to add a nice-looking theme for your phone, you can download iPhone VO Theme Lite for Android for free. This app is available in the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, run the apk file to install it on your phone.

The iPhone VO Theme Lite for Android has a nice-looking launcher and some classic iPhone features. It features the standard icon, background, familiar sounds, and vibrations. It also has a convenient shortcut to the drawer application. This theme is perfect for people who prefer a classic look for their phones.