Dell Precision 5550 Review


The Dell Precision 5550 is a mid-range laptop with a lot to offer for those who need a powerful machine. You can find a wide variety of choices for CPU, GPU, memory, and storage. You can even use the Dell Optimizer to optimize your system for application usage. The display of this laptop is also something to look out for. It features the PremierColor InfinityEdge, which offers 8 million pixels and 4K Ultra HD resolution.

CPU and GPU options

The Dell Precision 5550 is a mobile workstation designed for mid-tier needs. The Intel architecture provides stable performance while the small form factor keeps it portable. The Precision 5550 offers a streamlined design with a sleek touchpad, an Ultrasharp UHD+ IGZO4 4K touch display, and a fingerprint reader. It comes with a handy USB and HDMI adapter to help users connect external storage devices.

The Dell Precision 5550 uses a variety of high-end 10th-generation CPUs, including a hexa-core Intel Core i7-10750H and a hexa-core Intel Xeon vPro processor. It also offers up to a total capacity of 4TB across two 2TB NVMe SSDs.

The Intel CPUs are fast and capable of handling resource-intensive professional software. The GPUs are a step down in power, but still, provide the graphical horsepower necessary to perform complex tasks. A Quadro T2000 is available, which is capable of complex graphical workloads. However, the T2000 is not branded as a Max-Q Design version, so it does not have ray-tracing capabilities.

Memory options

Dell Precision 5550 is a workstation laptop that’s a great option for professionals who need a mobile workstation with high performance. It’s also easy on the eyes and has a beautiful design. It can handle medium to heavy editing and graphics. It comes with a solid keyboard and an impressive trackpad.

The Precision 5550 is a 15-inch laptop with a sleek aluminum chassis. It features dual fans and a thermal design to keep the hardware cool. It also has a matte interior and front-facing speakers. It weighs just 4.06 pounds.

The Precision 5550 has a number of different options when it comes to memory. You can choose between 32GB, 64GB, 256GB, and 1TB storage. You can also configure it with either a 1080p IPS display or a 4K IPS display. It has three USB-C ports and a fingerprint reader.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between one of the two NVIDIA Quadro series professional graphics cards. It can also be configured with a Xeon processor.

Storage options

When choosing a mobile workstation, it’s important to know that the storage options available on the device can vary depending on the specific model. A Precision 5550 can be configured with up to 4TB of storage, while other models may come with less.

The Dell Precision 5550 has a small form factor and offers plenty of power to handle resource-intensive professional software. It’s also a great choice for multimedia professionals. It comes with a high-resolution 15.6-inch display that supports 4K resolution. It’s also a light and quiet mobile workstation. It includes a solid keyboard and a large touchpad. It also has excellent brightness and color gamut coverage.

This mobile workstation is capable of performing 3D animation and video editing. It’s equipped with an NVIDIA Quadro T1200 discrete GPU. The CPU gets hot under load, however.

The Precision 5550 is a mid-range model, which means it’s not the most powerful workstation on the market. It also has limited graphical options.

Application optimization with Dell Optimizer

Using Dell Precision Optimizer, you can maximize your Precision 5550 workstation performance and battery life. This automated AI-based optimization technology boosts the performance of individual applications, improves system reliability, and increases security.

Dell Precision(TM) Optimizer is a powerful engine that dynamically configures system settings and applies software updates. It also features a tracking subsystem that gathers extensive information about your system and can identify potential problems.

You can download Dell Precision Optimizer from the Dell Drivers Site. This software is designed to boost overall application performance, reduce background noise during conference calls, and increase security. It can also help users log in faster, minimize application transition times, and boost battery life.

Dell Precision(TM) Optimizer has been designed with the latest Intel Core vPro processors. It can automatically detect and adjust storage, memory, and other settings to best match the workload of specific applications. It can even identify poor configurations and bottlenecks.