Dan Houser Starts Absurd Ventures in Games


Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, has started a new game company called Absurd Ventures. The two are currently pursuing various projects, including creating a new Grand Theft Auto game. Although this move is a bit surprising, it could prove to be a blessing in disguise for Grand Theft Auto fans. They will be able to get their hands on some of Houser’s best work.

Dan Houser

After the success of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games’ founder Dan Houser decided to take a hiatus from the company. While he was a part of the Red Dead series, he also left in March. The two worked together on games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Since leaving Rockstar, Houser has been concentrating on smaller experimental games and open-world narrative-heavy projects. However, we can’t expect a sequel to RDR2.

While the company isn’t a new one, it’s a relatively new name in the game development industry. Houser founded Rockstar Games with his brother Sam in 1998. Take-Two Interactive confirmed his departure in April 2020 and thanked him for his contributions over the years. His brother Sam continues to work for Rockstar as president. The company did not release any further information about Houser’s plans for the future of the company.

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser has founded a new gaming studio called Absurd Ventures in Games. The company was officially incorporated in the UK on June 23. Houser listed his title as a director, producer, creative director, and corporate director on the company’s website. He helped write many of Rockstar’s blockbusters, including Grand Theft Auto. The company is based in Cheshire and is planning to focus on making game franchises for different platforms.

Although Rockstar announced that Houser was taking a long break from the company, it is not clear when that will happen. There is speculation that he’s already working on Grand Theft Auto 6. But it’s unclear whether Rockstar will be able to produce the game for us until the year 2025. But if he does, it could be a good thing for Grand Theft Auto fans.

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser

Former Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser has re-entered the game-making industry by registering Absurd Ventures in Gaming LTD, a company registered in the UK on June 23. The company’s website states that its primary purpose is to develop ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software. The company’s website also shows that Houser is the sole director of Absurd.

One of the most successful video games in history, Red Dead Redemption, was created by Dan Houser, who also wrote the game’s story. The writer of all Grand Theft Auto games has been praised for his work, and he’s also writing the script for the Red Dead Redemption series, which is currently undergoing a film adaptation. Houser was named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list, and his writing style has been likened to that of Tom Wolfe, Balzac, and Dickens.

The new company, Absurd Ventures in Game, was registered with the UK’s company registry as already-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development entity. Dan Houser is listed as the sole director and person with “significant control” over the company. Rockstar Games was founded in 1998 by Houser and his brother Sam, who went on to become multi-billionaires.

Former Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser has created a new company. Called Absurd Ventures in Games, the company is incorporated in the UK in June 2021. Houser serves as the company’s creative director and corporate director. The UK company is expected to be based in Cheshire. It’s unclear whether Houser will continue working with the original Rockstar Games company.

Absurd Ventures LLC

The founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, has resigned from the company to establish a new gaming company called Absurd Ventures LLC in games. Houser will serve as the director of the new company, which will be registered in the UK on June 23, 2021. The company will focus on the development of ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software. Houser will continue to direct the company while still taking an active role in writing.

Houser’s departure from Rockstar is another development that could bring new ideas and improvements to the gaming industry. Rockstar is known for the quality of its games, and Houser helped create many of them. He is listed as a creative director and producer on the company’s website. Besides being listed as a creative director and producer, Dan is also listed as a co-founder of Absurd Ventures LLC in games.

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser left the company last year and has since created Absurd Ventures LLC in games. The company officially incorporated on June 23 and is focused on creating ready-made entertainment software and interactive leisure software. Although the company has not yet announced plans for its first games, it is already planning to develop and release games in the future. If Houser is right about his intentions, he can still launch another game company.

While Houser is reportedly leaving Rockstar Games, it’s hard to predict where his new company will end up. The company’s future plans are unclear, but his brother has been a major part of the company. Houser has reportedly been working on the next Grand Theft Auto game for 100 hours a week. Although Houser left Rockstar Games, his brother, Sam, is staying with the company as president.

Absurd Ventures in Games LLC

Houser registered two companies – one in the US and one in the UK – to run the game development business. The US company is based in Delaware, while the UK company is registered in Cheshire. Both companies have the same director, but Houser is listed as the sole director of the UK company. The companies were incorporated on June 23 and have offices in London and Manchester, respectively. The UK company is still a mystery, as Houser has not revealed how many staff he employs.

Houser’s departure from Rockstar Games has prompted speculation that he has formed a new game company. Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser has signed a new company’s papers claiming it will produce ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software. Houser co-founded Rockstar in 1998 and is listed as a producer and creative director on its website. The company was registered on June 23 and February 21 in Delaware and Cheshire.

In addition to its US office, Absurd Ventures in Games LLC has an office in the UK. The company’s sole shareholder is Dan Houser. The company also has two directors and one secretary. These individuals are credited with overseeing the business and the games. This means that Absurd Ventures in Games LLC is a company that’s working with a variety of different game projects. Besides developing games, the company also publishes games and invests in video game development.

The founder of Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, is leaving the company to start a new studio. The new studio is named Absurd Ventures in Games, and it’s incorporated in the UK. While Houser has not revealed the company’s staff, the UK listing suggests that they’ll be working on video games. Houser helped write many of the biggest games in the Rockstar franchise, and his intention is to create games that are as entertaining as the Grand Theft Auto games.

Dan Houser’s new studio

After leaving Rockstar Games at the end of last year, Dan Houser has set up his own game development studio, Absurd Ventures in Games. Although the company is registered in the UK, it does not have a fixed headquarters. Houser will be based in the UK, but the studio will operate globally. Its mission is to develop ready-made interactive leisure software. However, it is not clear what kind of games it will make.

The news that Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser is setting up his own studio has caused some speculation. Several news outlets have reported that Houser, who helped make Grand Theft Auto, is planning to work on video games with his new company. While there is no word on the details yet, the company’s website states that Houser will be the creative director, producer, and corporate director.

While Houser’s return to the video game industry hasn’t been officially announced, the speculation that his return is imminent is unfounded. The game developer has long been in the trenches, but this time, he has more creative freedom and will focus on creating smaller, experimental games. It’s unlikely, however, that Houser will create another RDR2 at this time.

Rockstar Games is a well-known game developer. Houser has been an employee for the studio since 1998 and worked on numerous titles. He worked on the first two Grand Theft Auto titles, as well as Bully, the second Red Dead Redemption game, and L.A. Noire. His new studio will focus on producing games in the fantasy genre, but will also include realistic elements.