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Business Credit Cards

Comerica offers business credit cards with various perks and benefits, such as an introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers, rewards in categories you spend most in, expense management tools, and waived annual fees (some cards provide this feature). Furthermore, Comerica cards contain security features like EMV smart chip technology to prevent fraud.

Comerica offers more than business credit cards: we also have receivables solutions designed to make business operations more efficient and increase payment speed, such as electronic payments made online, by phone, or at one of its customer service centers. Comerica’s efficient receivables processes can increase funds availability while decreasing expenses while improving cash flow to support your growth as a business.

This company also offers a suite of small business solutions designed to assist with managing operations and cash flow, such as streamlining payments to customers and suppliers to control costs and increase profitability, eliminating late fees or overdraft fees, and cutting administration and processing costs with automated ACH solutions.

Comerica Business Connect’s most sought-after product is its lineup of credit cards. Offering special perks not available with personal cards, such as higher sign-up bonuses and rewards in specific categories, Comerica business credit cards can help businesses build up a credit history more efficiently than ever. In addition to these features, some Comerica cards allow reporting transactions directly to three major commercial credit bureaus to establish business credit histories.

These cards are easy to use with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay – you can earn cash back or other benefits at gas stations, restaurants, and hotels. Many also come equipped with EMV smart chip technology which prevents fraudulent transactions by requiring cardholders to insert the card in a terminal instead of simply signing for their purchase.

Comerica offers several business credit cards, but prospective cardholders must visit a branch to apply. Certain cards offer an introductory 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for nine billing cycles, with rewards points that can be redeemed for cash or travel vouchers.

Business Savings Accounts

Keep your business funds accessible with an FDIC-insured savings account offering an attractive annual percentage yield (APY1) and convenient services like debit cards, online banking, and mobile apps.

Finding the appropriate business savings accounts can help you achieve your goals and plan for unexpected company expenses. From FDIC-insured money market accounts to interest-bearing savings options, we have tailored solutions for you.

Axos business savings accounts offer an easy and cost-effective way to put any excess funds to use1. With no minimum opening deposit requirement and competitive APYs on idle balances, this account allows optimal management and access whenever needed.

Online payment solutions that enhance security, reduce costs and provide more control are now available to help you quickly manage payables and payments around the clock. With access to our cash management advisors and comprehensive treasury payment solutions, you will gain more power to optimize your business, achieve efficiency, and get paid faster.

Payout is incoming and outgoing ACH, wire, and credit card payments 24/7 with flexible online and IVR payment processing solutions from Receivables Solutions. Improve cash flow while increasing productivity to create a more streamlined financial environment with our receivables solutions.

Securely move funds between Comerica accounts and like-entity business accounts at other U.S. banks, or set up automatic transfers and payments to save time and money. Take full advantage of your Mastercard(r) business cards with features like fraud detection, Zero Liability protection3, and identity theft resolution services5 provided by Comerica’s Mastercard(r).

Save on office supplies, technology, and more with exclusive discounts for small businesses provided by Comerica CoReward$. With over 25 categories, it offers one-stop perks and rewards that could make an impactful statement about your company. So get going now – start saving!

Business Loans

Comerica understands small businesses’ challenges and knows how to help them thrive and prosper, providing business loan solutions with expert support to get where they need to be.

Business Line of Credit: At our secured and unsecured lines of credit, we offer financing you can tap into. It can provide working capital funding, seasonal expense coverage, investment into new projects, and growth.

Term Loans: Offering fixed and variable rate options, business term loans provide financing solutions for assets you plan to use over multiple years, such as computers, office furniture, equipment, or vehicles. Our business term loan program features competitive interest rates with flexible collateral requirements.

SBA Loans: As a National SBA Preferred Lender, we can provide the financial backing and expertise to assist in expanding your business. SBA loans were explicitly created to level the playing field between high-risk companies that may struggle to access traditional lending sources and more established firms that could access these loans more readily.

Commercial Real Estate Loans: Our Commercial Real Estate (CRE) loans can help you purchase, build or refinance owner-occupied business property and buildings secured by real estate for up to five years at once.

Our SBA 504 loans can assist your business with purchasing fixed assets essential for growth. In addition, the CDC/504 loan program may also be used to renovate, expand or update an existing property.

Enhance payments with our business cash management solutions. We can help reduce costs related to operating your business, increase cash flow, and boost productivity.

Comerica Connect(r), our free digital banking app, simplifies managing business finances. Here you can view your accounts, balances, transaction history, and more so your company can continue moving forward smoothly.

At Capital City Innovation District (CCID), our mission is to assist you in growing your business while contributing to Dallas. That’s why we host events, offer coworking spaces, and partner with nonprofit organizations to bring added value to the Dallas area.

Business Deposit Accounts

No matter where your business stands, we offer accounts to fit any stage. From startups and emerging enterprises to established enterprises with established operations, our accounts provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of business accounts. You can open business checking and savings accounts or link them together to streamline cash management processes and get more value out of your money.

When choosing a bank for your small business, you must consider several factors, including FDIC insurance coverage, interest rates, and fees, customer service, and any services that could help your company grow. You should also assess how easy switching banks will be if necessary.

Our primary business checking account offers a straightforward solution to holding funds from card transactions until they’re deposited into your merchant account, all for free! Plus, connect it to your Comerica debit card to make payments with just one tap – plus take advantage of Mastercard Zero Liability protection, identity theft resolution services5, and digital instant issuance6! Download transactions to Quicken or QuickBooks(r) for simple accounting needs!

Profit from our flexible money market accounts to accelerate the growth of your business funds, earning up to 2.25% APY1 with no monthly maintenance fees and six free withdrawals each month1. 1 Interest is earned when an Earnings Credit Allowance offsets all applicable checking and cash management service charges in each statement cycle; please see the Business Account Summary Brochure or Business Account Terms & Conditions for more details.

Comerica offers several deposit products, such as business savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CD). You can integrate any Comerica Business Advantage Relationship Banking account with these solutions to create an integrated cash management solution. You can transfer funds between our histories and similar reports with other financial institutions1.

Enhance your receivables and pay bills faster with our online payment solutions. Make domestic fund transfers, ACH, and Real-Time Payments to vendors, employees, or other payees through one system with funds available immediately1. Plus, customize reports and gain access to valuable treasury management insights and decision-making tools.