Chalo Jai Tour Review


If you have ever dreamed of visiting the Himalayas but have been unsure about how to get there, consider booking a tour with Chalo Jai Travel Club. You can experience the spectacular beauty of this Himalayan country, as well as visit ancient hill monasteries. Here’s a review of the trip to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Kundu Special

The Kundu Special on Chalo Jai Tour is a must-do for a visit to Hyderabad. This tour will take you through the most popular temples and historical places in the city. It also offers excellent food. The staff is very helpful and attentive to your needs. You can count on them for excellent service and a memorable holiday.

Hyderabad tour

When it comes to a Hyderabad tour, Kundu special and cholo Jai are sure to stand out. They are just two of the specialties that make this tour a must-have. These unique dishes and experiences will surely make your trip to Hyderabad an unforgettable experience.

It is worth mentioning that this city is a Telugu and Hindi-speaking region. Some of the attractions in the city include AP State Archaeological Museum, Jamia Masjid, Nizams Museum, Lumbini Park, Hazrath Syed Saadat Bani Hasham Dargah, and BM Birla Science Centre.

Hill monasteries

There are several hill monasteries in the area that are worth seeing on your Chalo Jai tour. The Monastery of the Holy Cross is perhaps the most beautiful of them all. Originally located on Observatory Hill, the shrine was moved and rebuilt in its present location.

Alpine forests

When you take a tour of Sikkim, you will experience the charm of the Himalayas and its alpine forests. Its stunning scenery is accentuated by its rugged terrain, quaint villages, and hilltop monasteries. The state is home to many unique experiences and delights. If you are planning to visit this region of India, you should make use of an experienced tour operator like Dolphin Travels. With over 40 years of experience in the service industry, we can ensure you have an excellent holiday.