Best Call Recorder For Android


Call recorders are a great way to document phone conversations. The best ones can record audio files and transfer them to a computer for later listening. You can also manually prepare voice notes and import recordings from various devices. These applications are beneficial for any business. In addition to being incredibly convenient, call recorders can save you a lot of time and effort.

All Call Recorder Lite

If you’re looking for the best call recorder for Android, look no further. The free All Call Recorder Lite app will save important calls, transcribe them, and even share them on social media. It also offers many features other call recorders do not, including password protection and synchronization with Dropbox. In addition, this app lets you set up notifications to start recording as soon as the conversation begins.

Call Recorder is a popular app from NLL and comes with both a free and a paid version. The free version lets you record calls based on contact name or number, while the paid version adds a password-protected recording feature and Google Drive storage.

All Call Recorder Lite has an uncluttered interface and no ads. Users can select the audio quality and recording format to suit their needs. The app is also easy to use and uses minimal processing power. It can record both incoming and outgoing calls.


TapeACall is an easy-to-use app that records phone calls. Its graphical interface is simple, and you can see all the recording options on the home screen. To start recording, tap on a large red button in the center of the screen. You will get a recording after a few seconds. TapeACall also lets you customize your recordings.

The app works across devices and records all incoming and outgoing calls. You can share recordings with others or save them for yourself, and choose what kind of recording you want to keep. Ensure you inform the other party that the call is being recorded before you begin recording it.

TapeACall also works on iPhones. The app has a user-friendly interface and is reliable in its performance. You can record incoming and outgoing calls with just a few taps. You can also edit the audios in the app and export them to cloud storage services. You can even share recordings with other users via email or Dropbox.

Cube ACR

Cube ACR is a powerful call recorder that allows you to record calls manually or automatically. It is designed for Android smartphones and works with third-party and built-in phone apps. You can set up the recording time and select the contacts that should be recorded automatically. However, it is essential to note that this application only records audio on your phone and requires a paid upgrade to store the recordings on a computer.

Another great feature of Cube ACR is that it saves calls to your Google Drive, so if you need to recover a recording, you can do so in just a few taps. Additionally, it keeps your recordings in various audio formats and quality. You can also set a PIN to secure the recordings. In addition, the application offers a feature called “Shake to Mark,” which marks the essential parts of the conversation. Finally, you can set the app to stop sharing recordings after each talk so that you don’t accidentally delete crucial bits of the conversation.

The app is easy to use and features a simple interface. It includes a pause button to allow you to skip recordings and the ability to change settings such as file format and sampling rate. It also has toggles for filtering audio and ignoring silence. It is available for F-droid.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is a powerful audio recorder that works on Android and iOS devices. It lets users record phone calls, transcribe audio, and share voice notes. You can record up to 600 minutes per month free of charge. The app has a simple interface. Users can tap on the first tab to see the minutes saved so far, how many minutes remain, and how many days are left before the monthly limit resets. It also allows users to record new audio and add it to the cloud. Once saved, the audio can be accessed by tapping on the second tab.

The Otter Voice Notes app isn’t strictly a call recorder but can transcribe audio files to help you remember details. It also has a powerful voice note organizer that allows users to organize their recordings and get them back later. It also allows users to import recordings and start recording within groups. It is free to download on Google Play.