Assos Equipe Rs Bib Shorts S9 Review


These spring/fall bib shorts are designed for racing and long rides across diverse road conditions, offering maximum compression without becoming restrictive.

Single-layer bib straps keep them light and dry while being less bulky than double-layer versions found on other Assos bibs but still perform just as effectively.

A-Lock Engineering

Six years of technology development and testing with some top riders have resulted in these remarkable bib shorts – providing unsurpassed comfort and stability during even your longest rides.

At the core of each bib is the Assos ERGOPad S9. This new multi-layered design boasts an antimicrobial fabric layer bonded to a 9mm foam base with KraterCooler ventilation holes to keep you feeling relaxed even on longer rides.

Assos’ A-Lock engineering ensures this pad stays put. While it might appear simple at first glance, A-Lock works by combining their rollBar bib straps and modified ergoBox connecting panels along with one-piece Butterfly panels for an exceptional fit that won’t move or bunch under any conditions.


The Core Chamois elevates race-focused comfort to new levels. Made of Assos’ trademark soft, antibacterial and moisture-wicking Type.701kompressor fabric for next-to-the-skin comfort; featuring KraterCooler ventilation holes to help keep air circulating freely around you; lightened weight 3D waffle foam which reduces weight while increasing breathability; as well as goldenGate stitching which allows the padding to move with you instead of being fixed to the shorts in any way, preventing chafing!

Assos’ ErgoBox construction includes their popular rollBar bib strap design combined with their modified version of their X-Frame connecting the panel to provide a stable and secure fit suited to high-intensity bursts as well as long endurance efforts – keeping the seat insert perfectly centered and stable whether sprinting or riding at your most comfortable tempo.


Assos’ Equipe RS S9s bring Assos’ bib short technology to a new level. Their RollBar system, which wraps around your legs and connects directly to an ergoBox insert, helps keep everything in place whether sprinting, climbing, or riding for extended hours in the saddle.

At first glance, these straps crossing in the back may appear straightforward, but this design boasts many complex benefits. Like an anti-sway bar on a car, it provides stability as you shift weight in and out of the saddle – similar to how an anti-sway bar functions on a bike. Furthermore, Assos have implemented their Carbon Xbib and ErgoBox technologies into these pair, too; their latter offering allows the middle section to float freely with your body movement for maximum comfort.

Sundeck Insert

Assos is a Swiss company at heart, so their Equipe RS S9 bib shorts exude precision and pursue perfection with every stitch and seam. Six years were needed to bring these pro-level shorts to market.

Assos shorts utilize what they refer to as their butterfly panel design to form the lower portion. Once combined at the back around Assos’ ergoBox, they meet around their new insert – an innovative system that keeps it securely in place as weight shifts through your pedal stroke. Featuring soft antibacterial microfiber against skin contact for breathability and 3D waffle foam for breathability while simultaneously reducing bulk.

3D Waffle

Equipe Rs Bib Shorts S9 have been created explicitly with pros in mind, taking technical performance and race-bred comfort to an entirely new level. Built to withstand the rigors of professional cycling with compression, chamois padding, and bib straps that act like modified cloth diapers, this short is built for experienced riders!

Assos’ Osmos Heavy fabric fits snugly around your legs while remaining highly breathable for optimal temperature regulation during any exertion, be it a hard early-season racing effort or relaxing autumnal cycling. Explicitly designed to keep muscles warm while staying flexible enough for movement during strenuous efforts or gentle rides.

Assos’ A-Lock Engineering with rollBar ensures shorts remain secure and the seat insert is placed correctly. At the same time, golden gate technology utilizes less stitching to allow 3D Waffle foam to move with you instead of being permanently fastened down, helping reduce chafing while adapting more seamlessly with movements in the saddle.