Annie Cloth Review


This article will show that Annie Cloth remains an excellent place to shop for clothing despite its mixed reviews. Here we provide an overview of its top-selling products and customer ratings.

The company strives to offer women fashion that allows them to express their individuality and style, and take special note in selecting clothes to meet this goal. They recognize that women care greatly in selecting clothing to express themselves as individuals.

Best-Selling Products

Annie Cloth is an affordable fashion brand offering women’s clothes at competitive prices. Their new styles reflect current fashion trends, while promotions and deals help customers save money. In this review, we will look closer at their top-selling products, promotions, return policy, etc., so you can decide if this is a suitable place for shopping.

The company website is intuitively designed for easy navigation and offers extensive product descriptions. Furthermore, there is a handy size guide with measurements in inches and centimeters next to each product page and detail – making it simple to identify what will best meet your needs.

Customers love Annie Cloth because of its wide selection of styles and sizes; however, some customers have noted poor customer service and subpar clothing quality; others reported issues with ordering, shipping, and returns – but those who have had positive experiences say it is worth checking out.

Annie Cloth is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand offering quality clothes at competitive prices. Their trendy pieces and accessories will surely please women of all ages. New items are constantly added to find your ideal style for every special event or celebration.

Customers worldwide can purchase their products in various sizes and styles, such as dresses, jeans, skirts, and pants. Furthermore, shoes and accessories like scarves, knuckle rings, and bags can be purchased.

Annie Cloth offers the perfect selection of glamorous dresses to add some flair and excitement to any wardrobe, with cocktail, midi, and maxi styles for you to choose from – offering something suitable for everyone in terms of colors and prints – you are sure to find your ideal piece here.

Annie Cloth touts its 30-day return policy as attractive; however, customers must cover shipping charges to return orders, and swimwear or jewelry is ineligible for return or exchange. Furthermore, no customer service phone number can be found anywhere on their site.

Return Policy

Annie Cloth is a fashion brand offering affordable women’s apparel at competitive prices. Their website showcases various fashionable clothing styles suitable for every event and accessories to complete your new outfit. However, before deciding about this brand, customers must read independent customer reviews such as US-Reviews to gauge whether Annie Cloth is legit.

Established in 2017, this company is well known for its fast fashion approach to women’s apparel. Their collection is updated frequently with the newest trends, giving you something new to wear every time you look in your closet. They provide sizes ranging from petite to plus, ensuring you find something suitable. Furthermore, their prices are more budget-friendly than competitors’, making this an excellent choice for thrifty shoppers.

As per their website, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase within 30 days, and get a full refund. However, return shipping fees must be covered; swimwear, jewelry & accessories, and lingerie cannot be refunded.

Although some customers have reported negative experiences at this store, most appear satisfied with their purchases. Many customers have noted how well-made and cost-effective clothing items are available; others appreciate frequent sales/discounts; some even comment on how fast their orders were shipped out.

One customer wrote that she was delighted with her purchase of a shift casual 3/4 sleeves v-neck dress, noting the high-quality fabric and her perfect measurements fit. A separate customer praised both clothes’ comfort and quality as she felt both were truly enjoyable to wear.

Annie Cloth is an online clothing store that defrauds its customers of their money through misleading discounts and promotions, only to deliver products which differ substantially from what was ordered. Annie Cloth follows similar scamming patterns as other sites such as IGoodGames, BlackFridayGameLive, and Clarkscanada GreenworksOutlet kesslove; these sites should never be patronized as they can be potentially harmful and dangerous!

Customer Service

Annie Cloth is an online store specializing in manufacturing and providing customized women’s clothing. Based in China, Annie Cloth promises to help customers build confidence while expressing their creativity through clothing customization. They aim to find dresses explicitly tailored to individual customers’ needs, with their website offering detailed product information; however, customers should note that some items may contain low-grade materials.

The store provides stylish yet trendy clothes at competitive prices, including top-selling products like tees, shirts, blouses, dresses, and skirts. Furthermore, accessories such as hats and scarves are also widely available. Again, frequent free shipping promotions and a return policy do not apply to items such as lingerie, swimwear, jewelry & accessories, or clearance products.

Annie Cloth has received mixed reviews despite its reasonable prices, with some customers loving the store’s clothing while others have complained of poor quality and slow shipping times. Annie Cloth says it is working tirelessly to improve its services and reduce complaints and plans on doing just that in 2017.

According to the company website, orders are typically processed within 4-7 days and shipped out between 20-30 business days. Furthermore, customers have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, excluding lingerie, swimwear, jewelry, and accessories, which cannot be returned under this policy. If any questions arise during their shopping experience, they can email customer service for any assistance.

Its scam tactics resemble those used by other popular websites like IGoodGames, BlackFridayGameLive, Clarkscanada, GreenworksOutlet, and Kesslove – offering discounts while ultimately shipping something different than promised or nothing at all. Customers shopping from such websites risk having their credit card details stolen or receiving something other than advertised; moreover, they may never see their money returned either! It is, therefore, vitally important that before making purchases online from any site, read reviews as this will allow you to avoid getting scammed; alternatively, ask trusted friends or family to assess it before proceeding with any purchase online transaction. If any doubt arises or concerns, seek guidance from trusted friends or family before proceeding further with any potential purchases online.

Shipping Time

Annie Cloth offers women an expansive range of stylish clothing at competitive prices. Annie Cloth prides itself on providing accessible and competitive shipping times, but customers must understand precisely when their order will arrive.

The company strives to offer its customers unique, high-quality clothing products that enable them to express themselves no matter their profession, hobby, or passion. As such, they collaborate with highly professional production houses to guarantee product quality; additionally, knowing their customers want to feel good about themselves, they work to meet all expectations.

Annie Cloth offers more than just clothing; their products include hats, jewelry, and knuckle rings to add flair and complete your outfits. Annie Cloth’s best-selling items include dresses in various lengths and colors; some even feature pockets – making them suitable for daily wear! Additionally they carry sandals, slippers, and flip-flops, so there is sure to be something perfect to complement every ensemble or look.

Annie Cloth clothing lines typically boast fast shipping times; their website reports that most orders should arrive between 20-30 business days (this includes 4-7 processing and 16-23 shipping times), although if any delays arise with your shipment, they will notify you accordingly.

Although they claim fast shipping times, customers have reported slow deliveries. Many also complained of poor customer service as several items have been lost or damaged during transit; others claimed their clothes do not match what is seen online.

Given this history, it is crucial that customers carefully read reviews of this company before making their choice. Other fashion brands, such as Gorman, Gentle Herd, and Fashion Nova, provide superior clothing at more reasonable prices; some examples would be Gorman.