American Red Cross CPR Courses


If you are interested in learning CPR, you can take courses provided by the American Red Cross. The organization offers many different courses for a variety of different levels, including CPR. The Red Cross also offers courses in AED training and First Aid. You can find out more about these courses and their benefits in the section below.

Courses offered by the American Red Cross

If you want to expand your knowledge of first aid, disaster response, and other areas of health care, the American Red Cross offers several courses to help you get started. These courses are designed to help you be the best emergency responder. The American Red Cross also provides continuing education units (CEUs) for professionals, including paramedics and nurses. The Red Cross offers both online and classroom training.

Red Cross first aid certifications take just a few hours to complete. The training can help you help others in emergencies while they are waiting for medical professionals to arrive. Certification is valid for two years and includes access to refreshers for those who need to brush up on their skills.

Validity of certifications

CPR certifications issued by the American Heart Association and the Red Cross are valid. While the AHA certification is generally more popular, both certifications are deemed equivalent by many healthcare organizations. They also cover the same topics and are equally challenging. You may be asked to have one depending on your employer and job requirements.

Once you complete a CPR training course, your certification should be valid for two years. However, it is highly recommended that you take practice sessions periodically to maintain your certification. After two years, CPR skills tend to fade quickly. You can refresh your memory of the skills by using study materials or downloading free Red Cross mobile apps.

Cost of courses

The cost of CPR courses varies. An introductory course can cost as little as $14. However, more advanced courses may cost as much as $100. The cost of CPR training also depends on the class you choose. A class for healthcare providers can run from $60 to $80, and classes for children can cost as little as $30.

A CPR course with the American Red Cross is essential for many reasons. Professionals teach the classes, and the program satisfies workplace and OSHA requirements. They also include interactive scenarios and hands-on skill practice.

Availability of courses in New York

Whether you’re looking for CPR classes near you or want to become certified for your job, there are many ways to get trained by the American Red Cross. The organization’s training programs are designed to prepare you for emergencies of all sizes, including choking, heart attacks, and strokes. The classes can be taken in person, online, or blended with instructor-led hands-on training. Upon completing a Red Cross CPR course, you’ll receive a certificate for two years.

American Red Cross CPR courses in New York are offered at many locations and are taught by qualified professionals. These courses help you develop the confidence and skills you need to respond to emergencies and help others. The American Red Cross also offers customized courses for organizations, fire departments, and teams.

Online course options

The American Red Cross offers online courses that train people to perform CPR, AED use, and essential life support. These courses are taught by experts and meet OSHA requirements. They are also evidence-based, meaning the course content is based on real-life situations. Red Cross CPR courses also feature hands-on skill practice, interactive scenarios, and peer-to-peer learning.

An American Red Cross CPR online course allows you to learn the basics of CPR conveniently, and you can complete it at your own pace. You’ll just need a computer or other device, internet access, and a willingness to learn. There is no deadline, and you can begin the course anytime.