Western High School Basketball


The varsity boys’ basketball team tipped off the season at Dallas Molina on Friday and played a home game against Bridgeport on Saturday. Come out and cheer on your Cougars!

Students like eighth grader Gavin Murphy enjoy participating in the sport. He liked running back and forth with his teammates, playing as a team, and learning new skills.

Boys’ Basketball

The National Federation of State High School Associations has adopted new rules that will take effect this upcoming season. According to KSNT 27, one of the significant changes will be how fouls and free throws are handled. A player may not move out of her designated area and must stay within three feet of the basket while she is shooting a free throw.

Teams will also no longer have to make the first foul to reach a bonus situation, as they will be allowed two foul shots instead of one. Additionally, teams will be able to get the bonus with five fouls in a quarter rather than seven fouls. The NFHS announced the change on Monday.

In addition, the NFHS will add a “mercy rule” similar to that used in football. It will allow the clock to be stopped for the final time when a team has a 35-point lead. The rule will apply when the officials determine that stopping the clock would serve the greater good of the game and prevent a potential injury to a player.

Jordan Tingle, who has been named the new head coach of Western’s boys’ basketball program, will have his work cut out for him this season. The Panthers are without a senior, and they will face a schedule that features a number of tough opponents, including Williamston, Waverly, Hillsdale College, and Jackson College. Despite the challenge, Tingle believes that high school sports are about more than just winning games.

Girls’ Basketball

A top-rated public high school in Louisville, Kentucky, Western High School is renowned for its rigorous academics and inclusive community. It also offers a robust athletics program that cultivates the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. Students are encouraged to compete at the highest level and represent their school with pride.

Brandon Britt elevated Western boys’ basketball to new heights during his first season as the team’s head coach, but he will be taking his talents elsewhere. The Louisville native and former Wildcats point guard has left the Panthers to join the coaching staff of Edward Waters University, a Division II program in Jacksonville, Florida.

The MPSSAA State Tournament is a single-elimination event that features the eight regional champions of each classification. Seeding for the tournament is based on each team’s regular season winning percentage, and ties between groups are broken by head-to-head competition. If a connection remains, a coin toss is conducted to determine the higher seed. The tournament is an excellent opportunity for athletes to showcase their skills in front of college recruiters and representatives from professional sports. The best part, however, is that it’s free to attend!

Varsity Basketball

For students who are ready to step up to the next level, there is the varsity team. Athletes in this program are committed to balancing academic success with participation in a variety of athletics programs. This allows for a holistic educational experience, preparing students to take on life’s challenges with integrity and pride.

A new rule for basketball this year is the mercy rule, similar to football’s in 2019. This will go into effect when a team leads by 35 points or more, and regular timeout procedures will no longer be used.

Western’s 2022-23 boys’ varsity basketball coach is Jordan Tingle, who comes to the Panthers with years of experience and plenty of knowledge about the school. He sees the sport as more than a game, and he believes that basketball can teach many lessons to players of all ages. This is why he’s proud to be part of the Western community.