Tanfoglio Witness Stock II Optic


The Tanfoglio Witness Stock II Optic is a double-action sports pistol built to meet any challenge thrown its way, from production class IPSC competitions to accommodating various optics from its packaging.

Tanfoglio’s Custom Shop gunsmiths hand-tuned this pistol for maximum performance and coated it with an industrial ceramic coating for more excellent durability. Chambered for 9 mm competition use and included with a padded case and cleaning kit for optimal storage and care.


A pistol’s barrel is an essential element, serving to both reduce recoil and improve accuracy. Constructed of either steel or stainless steel and available in different lengths, its length helps determine its overall size – whether or not it will fit comfortably in a holster and provide optimal shooting comfort for its shooter. There are various design options for barrels ranging from straight to fluted designs; polygonal and knurled rifling are among them.

Tanfoglio Stock 2 is a practical semi-automatic handgun chambered for 9mm ammunition. It features a 4.75-inch barrel with a capacity for up to 13 rounds, as well as manual safety and a DA/SA trigger. Furthermore, this pistol includes sights – some models come equipped with super pictures while others feature LPA sights.

Tanfoglio has been producing guns for the highly competitive IPSC Production Division since 2022, and TFBTV Producer James Reeves had the opportunity to speak with Tanfoglio’s founder Ben Stoeger, about his most recent creation – Stock III Pro handguns are an example of Tanfoglio’s dedication to high performance guns.

The Stock III competition pistol stands out from its competition counterparts by using a two-lug system with an integral cam track and cam track, enabling faster cycling speeds and greater accuracy, lighter hammers for improved overall feel, easier disassembly for maintenance or repair by beginners, and an easy breakdown procedure making upkeep and repair more accessible than ever.

The Stock III pistol is an all-purpose gun designed for IDPA and IPSC competitions, offering both competition and defensive use, making it a fantastic choice for new shooters. Compared with its predecessor, the Stock II, its longer barrel with its more accurate cylindrical bore delivers increased muzzle velocity for an enhanced and effortless shooting experience overall. Additionally, its lower bore axis increases muzzle velocity further.


This pistol features a cylindrical barrel with polygonal rifling explicitly designed for dynamic shooting competitions, large serrations on its slide, an adjustable rear sight that is fully adjustable, a steel front view, a steel rear sight case, a tuned trigger from Tanfoglio Custom Shop tuned by Tanfoglio himself and features exceptional accuracy compared to regular pistols. Although slightly heavier than usual pistols it offers superior accuracy performance!

The Witness Stock II Xtreme is optics ready and compatible with most red dot sights on the market, such as Burris Fastfire 3, C-More RTS2 and STS2, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and Vortex Viper, in addition to fitting both the Sig Romeo1 and Romeo1 Pro models. This gun includes both a PD mount and a spare mounting plate that provide compatibility for red dot sights on top of the frame. PD mount is compatible with most red dot sights, including Burris Fastfire 3, C-More RTS2 and STS2, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and Vortex Viper, as well as fitting both Romeo1 Pro models as well.

It also features a flat safety, which adds material where needed and removes metal when it is unnecessary. This feature makes the pistol easier to manipulate and move between shots while helping prevent accidental discharges – an issue common with polymer double-action-only guns.

The Stock II Xtreme features a PD Titan hammer and sear that contribute to its sub-6 pound double-action pull and 1 3/4 pounds action pull – both incredible feats in terms of weight. However, more sobering still is its lack of any wall to prepare for subsequent shots or soft landing spots for negligent discharges.

The Stock II Xtreme competition pistol offers premium features at an exceptional value, making it a fantastic option for shooting enthusiasts looking to elevate their shooting game. Unfortunately, however, this gun may not be suitable for beginners due to its complexity.


The EAA Witness Stock II Optic is an IPSC competition pistol designed to perform optimally out-of-the-box. Crafted by six-time world champion Eric Grauffel under his guidance and tuned by Tanfoglio’s Custom Shop, this firearm features Xtreme components as well as a double/single action trigger with overtravel adjustment.

It features a cylindric barrel with polygonal rifling, an ambidextrous safety, an Xtreme guide rod, hammer, and firing pin, as well as large serrations on its slide; fully adjustable rear sight with dovetail front sight; chambered in 9 mm for ease of shooting; imported by European American Armory for online purchase only (enter your FFL info into notes section at checkout) for sale online by European American Armory.


Tanfoglio Witness Stock II Optic competition pistol is chambered for 9mm ammunition and equipped with 17 17-round magazines. Featuring manual safety and contrast sights, this weapon also comes complete with a padded hardshell case and cleaning kit for optimal storage and transport. Perfect for Production Class IPSC competition or other shooting sports competitions; used by 2014 Production World Championship Men’s Gold and Women’s Gold medal winners from Gardone Val Trompia Italy for European American Armory import. GrabAGun currently sells this gun at a reasonable price for $559!