Learning Wings


Learning Wings teaches children the value of developing social and emotional skills, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship-building abilities.

At 2:30 on weekday afternoons, children quickly rush into WINGS’ cafeteria and divide into groups. Chatter erupts excitedly; at first glance, it may look like any typical after-school program; however, much more is going on beneath the surface.


Are You an Aspiring Pilot? Learning Wings Can Help! If so, the program aims to offer training opportunities so that you’re prepared to fly in different seasons and weather conditions. Your training will include learning single and multi-engine aircraft flight maneuvers along with aircraft maintenance procedures, flight planning strategies and navigation methods.

As part of the program, you’ll be required to log flight hours on an ongoing basis. This provides plenty of opportunities to work with certified flight instructors as well as keep skills sharp between formal lessons. Logging your hours will show that your learning is progressing appropriately, while the WINGS program also encourages participation in 3rd party activities (e.g., AOPA, ASA Sporty’s Gleim Publications, etc.), which qualify for credit in your logbook.

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WINGS for Kids

WINGS, an after-school nonprofit program, integrates an extensive social-emotional learning curriculum into its exciting group activities, and its teachers seize teachable moments as they arise to ensure lessons remain both pertinent and progressive.

WINGS leaders are also trained to recognize when children are experiencing emotional difficulty and respond accordingly. For instance, when Raven, a third-grade student from Chicora Elementary in Charleston, disrupts her small group during WINGS time, Kendyl Davis (an undergrad from College of Charleston who serves as leader for this activity) asks what she is feeling instead of immediately disciplining her; when Raven admits feeling angry and frustrated Davis then takes time to discuss why healthy ways exist to express anger such as breathing techniques for venting frustration or exercises like Yoga as ways of venting emotions instead.

This approach helps children gain a deeper insight into themselves and others, which leads to healthier decisions and may strengthen resilience against adversity- which is so common among poor children.

Teaching Social Emotional Learning can be challenging; its complexity cannot be quantified or prepared using a set curriculum. Dealing with at-risk children’s complex emotions makes the task even harder.

Wings for Kids uses multiple tools to foster students’ social and emotional learning development, from an engaging website featuring games and interactives to a mobile app offering students the chance to earn virtual wings. Its user-friendly design facilitates quick and effortless exploration, featuring just enough clickable resources on its homepage to engage visitors without overwhelming them with too much information.

WINGS for Kids offers more than classroom programs; in addition to summer camp and an annual air show featuring model airplanes, turbine-powered jet aircraft, aerobatic planes, war birds, scale vintage planes, and scale vintage planes – these events bring families together while celebrating flight!

As stated on the WINGS for Kids website, “Hope is the thing with feathers” from an Emily Dickinson poem inspired Ginny Deerin to start her nonprofit organization; thus, WINGS stands for We Inspire Nurture Inspire and Grow Socially Responsibly Girls.

WINGS for Teens

At WINGS, we believe teaching goes beyond words alone. That’s why our staff use “teachable moments” – all those small opportunities during the day when kids use the bathroom, walk down the hall, or line up to transition between activities – to reinforce Words to Live By and build character skills – acting as role models just like you and representing WINGS at its best!