House of Da Vinci 3 Walkthrough


House of Da Vinci’s trilogy finally arrives and lives up to expectations! In its third installment, this highly interactive puzzle game allows players to discover hidden locations and solve mysteries throughout Renaissance Italy.

At first glance, it may be easy to draw parallels between this game and The Room by Fireproof Studios for mobile. But this ambitious endeavor boasts some clever twists.

How to play

The House of Da Vinci 3 is an epic Adventure and Puzzle game available on the App Store that challenges players to use their wits to unravel mysteries, solve handcrafted mechanical puzzles, travel through time and space, and travel back in time – it demands your complete focus and concentration! Atop $5.99 iterations on this app store!

If this title is new to you, or if it has been a while since you last played its predecessors, understanding its narrative can take time. That is where this House of Da Vinci 3 walkthrough comes in handy – we will help guide you through the first part of the villa and offer strategies on how to solve its more challenging puzzles.

As soon as you enter the villa, the game prompts you to search the area for hidden compartments and mechanisms. To do so, start by pushing the statue to your left; this causes it to topple over, revealing a partially folded tool that will later be added to your inventory. After collecting this item, the game outlines how you can open up a barricaded door ahead.

However, due to guards patrolling the area, one door in particular has been locked. To bypass this obstacle, aligning certain mechanisms around the room in a specific way will free the bolt and allow you to open it with just two pulls on its bar handle – then step into Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop! Scrutinize everything around you while keeping an eye out for any clues from Giacomo as your character may offer.

Getting started

The House of Da Vinci 3 is an interactive puzzle game set in Renaissance Italy developed by indie studio Blue Brain Games, offering more puzzles and mysteries to solve while providing intuitive controls with fully voiced historical figures – making the gaming experience all the more engaging!

Like its predecessors, this first-person puzzle adventure game requires patience to finish. With complex puzzles and mind-boggling physics-based mechanisms to contend with, newcomers may find the gameplay challenging; fortunately, though, the designers of the game have provided plenty of hints and clues that make the experience accessible for anyone willing to put in time and attention for observation and thinking.

One of the critical strategies in The House of Da Vinci 3 is always keeping an open mind and searching for hidden compartments and unrelated objects until they come together in your current mission. Also, be sure to scour your environment for all components of Oculus Perpetua, and never be afraid of trying puzzles multiple times until it clicks!

At the beginning of this chapter, you must unlock a door by aligning mechanisms on both sides. After doing that, your character Giacomo will automatically move to a candlelit space where he’ll encounter two guards who seem focused on an item high up above them – too high up for Giacomo to reach; they seem fascinated by something they cannot see directly. Once there, your character must find another way up there if possible.

The catacombs

House of Da Vinci trilogy comes to an exciting close in this highly engaging puzzle adventure, offering breathtaking locations and endless mind-benders. Play as Giacomo Da Vinci, Leonardo’s friend, and apprentice who can open portals that transport him through space and time – including altering past events to change both your present and future. All thanks to Oculus Perpetua!

At the outset of this installment, your first task will be to explore your environment for items and tools that can help solve various puzzles. Hidden compartments feature heavily in this game; areas will close off behind you as objects fulfill their function before eventually disappearing from your inventory once fulfilled. This process becomes particularly crucial given that many puzzles involve mechanisms with missing parts requiring extensive searching efforts in order to locate all their missing components.

However, there’s an easy way to do it: push the statue that lies directly to your left as you enter the catacombs to tip it over and reveal a partially folded tool that you can then unfold to unlock the gate in front of you.

Once the rats are trapped in their traps, you can head deeper into the catacombs to discover a secret passage. Here, using Oculus Perpetua portals, you can travel back through time before current structures were ever constructed; an alternate timeline where chains connected to wells feature dodgy links can be seen attached with loose threads, yet you have enough power over mechanisms to break this link and drop a heavy metal lid onto it, effectively blocking rats forever!

The Library

Blue Brain Games’ House of Da Vinci 3 is an engaging puzzle adventure series developed by Blue Brain Games and available now for PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC. Similar to its predecessors, it places you into Giacomo da Vinci’s apprentice shoes in Renaissance Italy to solve mysteries and uncover conspiracies as Giacomo searches for answers within mysteries.

The library is often the first location you’ll visit when starting a game, and it can be challenging to navigate without assistance. Don’t worry, though; this walkthrough guide is here to show you exactly how you can get through it successfully!

Once at your destination, locate a lever near the paternoster that opens a pathway up onto the roof before crossing over to repair its weathervane. Twist its sun handle before pulling it again to return to the courtyard and discover a chronicle.

House of Da Vinci 3 makes use of hidden compartments as an integral component of its gameplay, forcing players to search their surroundings for tools and parts to use in building projects. Keep an eye out as areas you have completed close off after use, as will items in your inventory once completed, which can make things difficult without due caution.

The crypt

Giacomo and Luca finally managed to gain entry to Pope Julius II’s study after infiltrating it secretly in Chapter 5, thanks to Cesare Borgia’s threats and the fact that Leonardo had used a cart pushed over them by Leonardo in Luca’s garden to secure them with the second glove needed to make Leonardo’s time machine work.

This chapter begins as you enter a crypt and meet some guards who look suspicious upon entering; luckily, the game automatically moves your character so as to avoid their attention. Now it is up to you to explore the crypt in search of tools and parts necessary for solving this puzzle; an ideal starting point might be pushing over the statue standing to your left when entering; doing so may cause it to tip over and drop a partially folded tool directly into your inventory!

This item will prove indispensable when unlocking the gate ahead of you. To do this, reassemble Oculi Tempus by aligning its mechanisms until Vitruvian Man is visible on each side of the pedestal; once this has been achieved, pull and turn the knob to open the doorway and let him inside.

Hidden compartments are a cornerstone of House of Da Vinci 3 walkthrough gameplay, with areas you have completed closing off behind you and items leaving your inventory once their purpose has been served. At first, this may seem complicated and disorienting, but as you advance further through the game, things should become more apparent.