Bounce Houses Near Me For Rent


Bounce houses add an exciting element to any event or party, both for children and adults alike. Everyone enjoys bouncing around inside one. Plus, this experience helps fulfill our desire for adventure while improving overall wellness.

Bouncy houses offer children exercise and promote socialization – two vital aspects of their development.

Easy to set up

Before embarking on a bounce house business venture, it is wise to conduct extensive industry research. This will enable you to determine whether there is demand in your locality and assess competitors’ offerings. In addition, investigate local zoning laws to ensure compliance and state licensing requirements online.

Bounce houses require constant airflow in order to remain inflated and remain safe for kids to play in. You can avoid this scenario by keeping the blower close by at all times; additionally, regularly checking power cords for hazards like sharp edges or trip hazards is also wise.

As well as renting bounce houses, party equipment rentals such as water slides, interactive games, dunk tanks, and carnival attractions will allow you to widen your customer base and increase revenue potential. In addition, catering, face painting services, and sound equipment rentals may also be offered as add-on services.

Your choice of location for your bounce house rental business is of utmost importance. To maximize success and ensure maximum profits, your ideal spot should be somewhere with a high concentration of young families – this will guarantee you are always busy and profitable! Additionally, an eye-catching sign and a well-kept website will help bring customers.

Before opening a bounce house business, make sure that it is insured and bonded in order to protect itself in case of lawsuits or property loss. Furthermore, obtain a business license and certificate of occupancy (CO). These can be found by visiting government websites or calling the local city hall.

Bounce houses can be installed on various surfaces, but for optimal use, it’s best to choose one with firm terrain that’s flat and stable. Parents should monitor children at all times. Inflatables should never be used on sandy or gravelly terrain as these surfaces could damage the structure. Also, check with the rental company regarding weight restrictions for your bouncy house rental.

Fun for all ages

Bounce houses offer hours of fun for both children and adults of all ages. They provide an outlet for pent-up energy while giving people an opportunity to socialize. Bounce houses also help develop motor skills and balance, as well as teach children cooperative play etiquette – perfect for birthday parties, summer backyard gatherings, and school events!

Inflatable bounce houses come in various sizes and themes to meet any special event or celebration. Some even come equipped with obstacle courses for added fun at parties. When hosting a children’s festival, make it extra memorable with an inflatable bounce house themed after your child’s favorite character – making your celebration truly special for both them and their guests!

For more significant events, inflatable water slides may make an excellent addition. They combine the thrills of both bounce houses and water slides into one fun package; plus, they can be used wet or dry depending on the weather and your preferences!

Your local companies offer bounce house rentals for special events or to add some extra fun to an ordinary day. Their rental companies typically clean, sanitize, and inspect each bounce house prior to delivery; some even provide other inflatables like dunk tanks and water slides to make your event more exciting!

Inflatables make an excellent form of entertainment at any event. Affordable, accessible, and enjoyable by people of all ages and abilities – they make the perfect way to promote events or encourage social interactions while serving as team-building exercises at corporate functions.

Inflatables make an excellent addition to any party but are especially useful at children’s parties. At such events, which may become overwhelming for parents, bounce houses provide parents with a much-needed diversion while giving children somewhere safe to let off some steam and play. Furthermore, this fun experience creates lasting memories for everyone involved.

Great for parties

Bounce houses make an excellent addition to parties of all kinds, providing hours of fun for children and adults alike. Be it a birthday celebration, school event, or community festival – bounce houses add energy, excitement, and memories to every gathering! With various shapes and sizes to suit any theme – such as inflatable obstacle courses and water slides – bounce houses add another level of enjoyment at any gathering!

Kids love jumping around in bounce houses that feature their favorite movies or characters, such as Disney princesses, superheroes, Sesame Street characters, or animals like animals or pirate ships and zorbs shaped like these for an interactive experience. You can also rent bounce houses explicitly designed with toddlers in mind that offer smaller spaces with fewer obstacles – perfect if planning a birthday party for the younger set!

Depending on the age and theme of your party, bounce houses that provide extra challenges can add another level of fun for kids and teenagers. With obstacles that require climbing, sliding, and crawling through them – these fun jump houses give kids something extra to keep them engaged while challenging them to reach the end first.

Inflatable water slides make an excellent addition to summer parties, providing the ideal way to cool off after spending all day under the hot sun. They can even double up as combo bounce houses, so kids don’t have to decide between activities!

Before purchasing a bounce house, take measures of your backyard space to make sure it fits well and doesn’t occupy too much room. If any questions arise before making your purchase, contact the company beforehand; any reputable vendor should be happy to address your inquiries.


Bounce houses can make for an exciting addition to any party, but their cost can add up quickly. Rental fees typically depend on the type, size, and length of time used – typically starting from $100 for an 8-hour rental up to $640 for more complex versions with features such as slides and obstacle courses.

Additionally, delivery and set-up fees must also be covered – these costs can quickly add up, especially if renting multiple units for a significant event. To reduce these additional charges, check with your rental company about discounts or bundle packages that might apply.

Consider also the cost of electricity when renting your bounce house. Most rentals require access to a standard 120-volt outlet within 50 feet; if setting up in an area without such outlets, renting a generator could add another $200 or so to the total rental cost.

Before making your final decision, take time to review each bounce house rental company’s website to detect any hidden fees that could add up quickly – such as having them deliver and set for you at an extra cost of $50 or cleaning and sanitizing after your event is completed.

Inflatables can be expensive to repair or replace, so when selecting a rental company, make sure to consider maintenance costs when choosing one. Please inquire as to whether the company offers warranties or guarantees on their products for added peace of mind should anything go amiss during your rental period.

Many rental companies will offer discounts or free add-ons when renting multiple bounce houses at once, as well as special packages, including bounce houses, inflatable water slides, and toys for events like school functions or little league games. Some rental services even have party packages that include all these amenities.