BMW Phone Holder – Use Your Smartphone As a Navigation System


bmw phone holders are easy-to-install and use devices that allow drivers to use their smartphones as navigation systems while remaining safe behind the wheel. Perfect for drivers looking for hands-free navigation systems while staying hands-free while driving. It is compatible with multiple smartphone types and designed to work on various vehicles.

Easy to install

Modern BMWs provide a spot to mount phones or GPS devices for hands-free driving, but sometimes this location may not always be optimal for comfort and safety. This BMW center dash mount makes it simple and secure to mount phones or GPS devices in their ideal spot fast. Clip it securely into the seams of your dashboard in seconds. Unlike generic phone holders, which wiggle or slide, or suction cups, which come loose often, this mount was custom-built specifically for your BMW model!

The BMW center dash mount is compatible with many device holders (see compatibility list below). To install, attach one to the mounting base by securing it to its four small holes using an AMPS pattern – then install it into your center vent for hands-free access to your phone while driving – making this an excellent solution to improve driving experience by decreasing distractions and increasing safety.

Easy to use

The BMW Car Mount provides you with everything you need to keep both hands firmly on the wheel while staying focused on driving safely. Its innovative design fits securely over the top of your device’s screen, working with all major models. Perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their driving experience while remaining safe and straightforward to use!

This unit may be slightly more costly than its competitors but still less than dedicated navigation systems. Furthermore, you have access to download and offline any world map for free, as well as use any app of your choosing (so long as BMW’s nav app is installed).

This system works on your existing handlebar bolt and is suitable for cast and nontubular bars on your motorcycle. It utilizes a custom stainless Steel M10 Bolt with a hard-coat anodized 20mm aluminum ball on top, creating an extremely secure mounting solution with lifetime warranty protection and a rubber bumper, plastic base, and fastener included as part of its package.


As opposed to phone holders that can easily fall and scratch a car dashboard, this BMW car mount holder is made from resilient materials and boasts a gripping arm coated in silicone rubber to clamp devices firmly and tightly. Furthermore, its electric grab arm tightens automatically upon placing a phone inside, and its release button on its upper back makes use effortless and straightforward.

This holder was custom-designed for BMW models listed here and installed quickly in minutes. Crafted of durable metal components for an OEM+ look and feel. Compatible with MagSafe and adhesive device holders (sold separately).

Its intuitive design enables hands-free navigation while driving. Its rotatable 360-degree holder provides optimal viewing for GPS navigation apps and music players – helping ensure safer driving by keeping eyes focused on the road at all times.