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Licenses Needed

In addition to business and commercial insurance policies, car wash operators must obtain various local permits and business licenses, which will vary by city and state.

The 2023 Northeast Regional Carwash Convention (NRCC), hosted by five East Coast carwash associations, returns to Atlantic City October 2-4 at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


Car wash businesses that want to succeed must be located in places easily accessible to traffic. Preferably on a main road or at least a highway so drivers do not have to make too many turns before reaching it; additionally, it must be visible and have wide access roads – otherwise, vehicles could become confused and avoid the site entirely.

Nick Lopez of Bubble Bath Car Wash, located in Colorado and New York, led an interactive seminar entitled “Ask The Marketing Experts.”


Sonny’s Car Wash understands that providing customers with an outstanding experience is vital to their bottom line, so they offer an assortment of new parts, car wash equipment, advanced car wash chemistry, and superior technology to ensure maximum value for each of your customers.

At NRCC 2019, attendees were treated to an extensive buffet breakfast before attending an early Bird panel discussion moderated by Nick Lopez of Bubble Bath Car Wash and featuring Wade Keith from Breeze Thru Car Wash located in Wyoming and Colorado; Kacy Erdelyi of Spark Car Wash which operates three locations in New Jersey (with plans for more in New York); Victoria Perez who oversees Gentle Touch Car Wash locations in Hartford CT; as well as others.

At this year’s show, NRCC honored two individuals with its Hall of Fame Award – Bill Gorra and Al West of Simoniz USA. This esteemed accolade honors those who have displayed exceptional leadership within their industries while making significant strides forward for carwash industry advancement. Gorra and West are genuinely worthy recipients since they have long supported NRCC’s mission over many years.


Fragramatics has led the industry with innovative, quality-built car wash fragrance, shampoo, and chemical dispenser systems since 1978. Their wide array of vacuum combination units, vacuum island packages, pedestal mount fragrances, and shampoo dispensers, as well as liquid products, makes them unsurpassed in their field.

Nuform has over 25 years of experience designing high-performance ceiling and wall paneling to withstand the unique challenges presented by vehicle wash buildings. Their products provide maximum return on investment in the tunnel, in-bay automatic, and self-service truck/bus washes.

Mark Denton is an international speaker and leadership expert. In a talk at a carwash in Kentucky a couple of months ago, he spoke on how to navigate turbulent waters both personally and in business – lessons you can apply directly to running your own carwash business.

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Atlantic Car Wash Inc. offers many car cleaning options and has long wait times; nevertheless, they remain an excellent option for customers who prefer their vehicle to look its best. Their VIP program is incredibly well-regarded among their customer base.

PDQ Manufacturing is an industry leader in touchless vehicle wash equipment and is now part of OPW (a Dover Company). Their products help car wash operators provide top value to their customers through advanced technology, superior car wash chemistry, and the best training available.

Nuform’s high-performance ceiling and wall panel systems are designed to meet the unique challenges associated with vehicle wash buildings. Perfect for automatic, tunnel, and self-service bus/truck wash applications.